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Marin road bikes(7 posts)

Marin road bikesjaybird
Aug 28, 2001 6:28 AM
Does any one have any experience with either the Marin Stelvio or the Treviso. I dont think I have ever seen one on the road...

Marin's website says that they are made in Italy. I have also heard that they are made by the same people that make the Prince for Pinarello.
Trollman suggests a look at the reviews...Trollman
Aug 28, 2001 6:34 AM

Submitted by Dan Pincus a Road Racer from Philadelphia, PA, USA
Date Reviewed: 3/28/01 11:01:32 PM
Favorite Ride: Road from Interlaken to Grindelwald
Duration Product Used: 3 months
Price Paid: $2400
Purchased At: Bicycle Therapy
Strengths: Great ride, very responsive, comfortable geometry, Chorus 10spd rocks, classic and distinctive but not obnoxious appearance
Weaknesses: average weight, no carbon fork(the current model has it)
Similar Products Tried: Giant Cadex 980C
Bike Setup: Stock with Chorus 10spd, steel fork, ambrosio rims
Bottom Line: It's a sweet ride for a sweet price. There are lighter bikes, but you'll be a lot less comfortable and you'll pay for it too. This is a classic bike that makes you feel like riding all day.
Value Rating: Overall Rating:

Submitted by Alex Gillespie a Weekend Warrior from England Leicester
Date Reviewed: 8/4/00 4:12:43 AM
Duration Product Used: 6 months
Strengths: Alex
Weaknesses: Alex
Similar Products Tried: Marin East Peak
Bike Setup: Alex
Immaculate condition,hardly evrer used.
Road used only (not often) brand new.
Exellent bike to ride,Data tagged Extra accessories.Accept £950
Value Rating: Overall Rating:

Submitted by Brian a Road Racer from Dekalb,IL
Date Reviewed: 4/2/00 3:57:24 PM
Favorite Ride: Still looking
Duration Product Used: Less than 1 month
Strengths: Italian craftsmanship and steel. Quality paint, chrome, wheels. Chorus 10spd.
Weaknesses: Seatstays had two large chips in the paint when bike arrived. Different length crank on a 59cm frame than Marin specified before odering.
Similar Products Tried: Older Trek aluminum road bike.
Bike Setup: Chorus Pro-fit pedals. LBS included an ergo-brain 10 computer with the bike, but not available yet.
Bottom Line: The bike strikes a great balance between comfort and speed. Smooth over irregular country roads yet stiff under power. Very good straight line stability, and quick predictable turning. Chorus 10 has been excellent so far: crisp fast shifts, solid, aesthetically pleasing. I did a great deal of research before I bought this bike and I haven't been disappointed. The bike fits me very well for what I want to do with it. Beautiful bike that delivers on it's looks.
Jay says, Trollman needs to look at the dates...jaybird
Aug 28, 2001 6:40 AM
been there done that... but thanks anyway.
re: Marin road bikesAlpedhuez55
Aug 28, 2001 7:59 AM
I have only ridden them to try them out at a bike shop but they seem to be a well made frame and a good value. They use a nice columbus tubeset. A couple of years ago they were using some strange color patterns but this year they look much nicer. I think the frame is a step up from MTB makers like Iron Horse, Univega, Kona and Raleigh.

Marin makes some of the sweetest Steel MTB frames. I tried out one of my friends bikes and loved it. It had some nice details, like diamond shaped watter bottle braze-ons that you do not see in most mountain bikes. has a couple of models cheap there. I think they are selling veloce equiped bikes there for $949 and Mirage for 769. If you are can handle putting it together, you could save yourself enough money to help pay for a nice wheelset.
re: Marin road bikessfer
Aug 28, 2001 8:29 AM
Just a little side note...It appears Marin markets their road bikes in the UK under different names. Hillariously, named after the WORST neighborhoods in San Francisco - Potrero Hills, Hunters Point, etc..
positive data pointLuis
Aug 28, 2001 9:15 AM
I managed to rent a Treviso in Albuquerque a year or so ago and rode it maybe 100 miles. I had no experience on a steel bike having gone from an older Klein to an Ibis ti, and found that I liked it very much. Good handling, well damped ride and handsome functional componants. Made me think about a steel bike sometime in the future.
re: Marin road bikes (limited edition)m5payne
Aug 30, 2001 8:12 AM
Haven't seen Stelvio or Treviso, but came across a used "Marin Limited Edition" in a LBS, all silver, about 2 years old, for sale for $600 in my size.

Anybody have any advice for/against it? Anyone ever heard of a Marin Limited Edition road bike? Is it possibly a Stelvio/Treviso LE?