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Wheelbuilding 101(3 posts)

Wheelbuilding 101PatM
Aug 28, 2001 5:18 AM
Well, I finished my first build of a rear wheel, shimano ultegra 32 hole 3x with Mavic MA3, it actually did not come out that bad, pretty true, one very slight hop in it but nothing major. When I went to put it on my bike, I had to adjust my brakes, dish off ? I checked my old wheel that came with the bike and the dish on that was off toward the freehub. Should the dish on rear wheels be off ? Also now that I had some success I am thinking of building up a pair of fast training/racing wheels. Again using ultegra hubs rear 32 front 28 with a 3x pattern. My question is this should I use Mavic open pros or cpx-33's ???? I have read some reviews of the open pros having a click sound. Also I am a larger rider 210 any thoughts on which rim to choose - Thanks
"Dish" implies that the wheel is centered between the dropouts.MB1
Aug 28, 2001 5:43 AM
Dish should not be off. Do you have a dishing tool? It seems to me that you have already built pretty light wheels for a guy your size.

BTW it wouldn't hurt to redo those wheels to get rid of the hop before you ride them a whole lot.

I like Open Pros a lot.
"Dish" implies that the wheel is centered between the dropouts.PatM
Aug 28, 2001 9:21 AM
Sorry if I did not say that in my earlier post, but that is how a checked the new wheel and the old wheel. I was just unsure if with modern hubs it it was normal to build a wheel with the dish off toward the sprokets by maybe 5-8 mm. The wheel I built was dished so that it was in the center. The old wheels I have are velocity aeroheads, not a bad wheelset came with the bike. So the one I built was just really a backup, so I don't have to rush any main. on the my everyday wheels.