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Please Help, Fellow Over-Pronaters(8 posts)

Please Help, Fellow Over-PronatersBAC
Aug 27, 2001 8:06 PM
I just found out that I am over-pronating as a result of flat feet. Can anyone recommend an off the shelf orthotic that will help me. I really would rather not plunk down 250 bucks.
re: Please Help, Fellow Over-Pronaterstirider
Aug 27, 2001 10:26 PM
I'm not sure of the brand but I got mine at a shoe repair shop that carries a wide variety of off the shelf orthotics. Mine are high density foam with a light brown leather covering and they come in a variety of sizes (euro I believe) and two widths. They do the trick in my Sidis by stabilizing my arches which tend to collapse. I use custom orthotics in my street shoes but find that they don't fit in my biking shoes. These also have a pronounced arch which really helped me transmit more power without pain. I actually raised my seatpost by a half centemeter or so after putting them in I think in part that I was riding heels down before I stabilized my arches.
Here is one...UncleMoe
Aug 28, 2001 11:33 AM

Made mainly for runners, but I know a few bikers that use them and like them. I am thinking about getting a pair myself.
Do you NEED something?Jack S
Aug 28, 2001 11:57 AM
Are you having problems, knee pain, etc? if no, don't worry about it. otherwise you might consider Big Meat shims; they go between the pedal and sole of shoe and can help alot. I'd also say get them fit if a LBS does it (not many do) and don't just slap them on and go- you could do more damage than good.
It just so happensSteveS
Aug 28, 2001 10:17 AM
That I will be in the UK at that time and with my bicycle, so this might be a possibility. The ride seems to have both on-road and off-road portions in the same event, is that correct? I don't really think my Mercian touring bike is suitable for off-road. If you have any further info, pass it on. Do you know the route and is there a website? Thanks.
bridle ways mmm...steveuk
Aug 28, 2001 5:36 PM
you right steve, bridle ways are kind of 'off road'. They are usually similar to farm tracks so there will be a grass middle verge with two stoney/muddy lanes either side. usually pretty flat + very small stones like gravel really. unlikely to be any cobbles involved more like plenty of mud - depending on weather. we don't get as much rain in Sep as some months though!! bridle ways are also horse paths hence 'bridle' so expect some big dollops of horse shit evey now and then. Ah the lot of u guys come over and experience REAL racing! All that hot dry weather you get makes u soft. This ride will teach u a few lessons in survival.
it WILL be hell:)stevuk
Aug 29, 2001 10:06 AM
lol. i don't think I'll make it i'm in scotland and have no transport - well that's my excuse anyway. have fun. i really hope the new FMD outbreaks don't affect the new schedule. man if they'd vacinated in the 1st place there wouldn't have been 6months and counting of closed countryside...

btw is Duffers commentating on this one?:) Any Eurosport coverage atall?
it WILL be hell:)MJ
Aug 29, 2001 10:14 AM
no I think it's more of a recreational ride - but am not sure - I don't have any transport either - tent on the pannier rack and train out...

vaccinating? far too sensible and efficient

my handle disappeared from above!