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how much for a used Bianchi Veloce?(6 posts)

how much for a used Bianchi Veloce?Jdy18
Aug 27, 2001 1:00 PM
A guy in my area is selling an 8-year old Bianchi Veloce. Can anyone tell me a fair price for this bike, depending on condition? Is there such a thing as a used bike price guide?

Trollman has added a few...Trollman
Aug 27, 2001 1:03 PM
Is the frame cracked?
What kind of parts does it have?

Does it have tires?

Is it still under warranty?

What color is it?

Does it have a carbon fork?

Does it friction or index shifting?

What kind of pedals does it have?

Is the paint chipped?

Is there any sign of rust?

How many miles does it have?

Can you tell from the picture if it has bar tape?

Does it have a rack?

Presta or Schrader?

How much are they asking?

Trollman is sure that there are more questions.

Can anyone else help Trollman out?
MB1has added a few...MB1
Aug 27, 2001 1:22 PM
Bianchi Velope is a medium to low-end touring/cyclocross bike. After 8 years it ought to be pretty beat. It was always heavy. Assume it is worth 30% less the first year and 15% a year thereafter. Probably isn't even Celeste.

It isn't worth much. $150 maybe. I would take one on as a project bike to turn into a beater if it fit
Cliff Oates will correct a coupleCliff Oates
Aug 27, 2001 1:34 PM
I think you're confusing a "Velope" (whatever that is) with the Volpe. The Veloce is a steel frame with racing geometry built around Campy Veloce components. I would guess (literally, but I stand a fair chance of being right) that '93-94 Veloce means early 8 speed ergo. It probably sold for around $1000 new. $200 is probably dollar for it now assuming it's in rideable condition. My first bike was a NOS 97 Veloce that I bought in 99. It was a nice ride.
bicyclebluebook.comgrzy mnky
Aug 27, 2001 2:01 PM
Like any good used car salesman would reply, "How much money ya' got?"

Pricing a used bike is very tricky and there is so much that goes into it. Ultimately read the classifieds and see what other similar bikes are going for.
sell it on ebayalex the engineer
Aug 28, 2001 7:35 AM
you might get $400 for it. Depends on how many neophytes are bidding that day.