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Giant Allegre(3 posts)

Giant AllegreBillie John Bob
Aug 25, 2001 11:38 AM
I have the opportunity to get one of these used. Anyone know anything about them? Supposedly a mid-90's entry level race bike with RX-100 components, 12 speed. Pro's/con's? I've looked in the reviews section but the bike is older than the review section.

Mr. Bob
re: Giant AllegreBirddog
Aug 26, 2001 6:38 PM
Is it red?, I've been riding one since 1991. It is a good solid bike and I've abused the hell out of it. I estimate that I've put on in excess of 40,000 miles and it is in need of it's third repaint. I swapped out the unicrown fork for an inexpensive (Performance) carbon fiber one last year and that was a major improvement. I still have Rx100 brakes and I haven't even changed the pads. The derailleurs have been changed to Ultegra, as has the cassette (8 speed) and chain. I switched over to bar end shifters for a cheap upgrade. I now run Mavic Heliums (which cost more than the complete bike when new) and this past weekend I went racing down at the Hotter'n Hell and placed 10th in the roadrace and 4th in the crit in my age group (Masters 55+) All that said, it is just a little better than average mass produced bike with general geometry. It will serve you well for training and centuries as well as a little road racing. Don't pay too much for it, mine was only about $450.00 when new.
re: Giant AllegreBirddog
Aug 26, 2001 6:41 PM
Oops, one more thing. If it is 12 speed, I think it might be older than that. Take it to an LBS and make sure you can easily upgrade down the line to an 8 or 9 speed set-up.