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SPDs to LOOKS with regrets???(8 posts)

SPDs to LOOKS with regrets???TJohn
Aug 24, 2001 9:12 AM
Has any of you made the switch from SPDs to Looks and had ANY regrets?? I currently use 747 MTB pedals on my road bike and I am thinking about getting the lighter weight Ritchey Road Pro SPD pedals. But then again I started thinking why not go all the way and get some Look 296s?? On my MTB, I went from POS SPD knock offs to Time ATACs and back again to real Shimano SPDs (747). I wished I had stuck with SPDs in the first place. I don't want to repeat that again on my road bike. Thanks.
Then dont switch. (nm)Trollman
Aug 24, 2001 9:15 AM
Just recently ...bianchi boy
Aug 24, 2001 10:11 AM
I stuck with SPDs a long time because I liked the convenience of double entry and being able to wear mountain-bike shoes and walk with cleats on. However, the SPDs were giving me hot spots on longer rides and the squeaks were driving me nuts.

I switched to LOOK PP-357s about two weeks ago. So far, I really like the Looks. The give your feet a lot more support, and I haven't had any trouble with hot spots -- although my longest ride with them so far is just 40 miles. And, for me, they are actually easier to clip into than SPDs. That's because the pedals always hang down the same way and I don't have to hunt around for them like I did with my SPDs. So far, they also have been very quiet. I've heard some people complaining about Looks squeaking, but mine are noiseless. (I think they might make noise when the cleats aren't clean.)

Anyway, for the money, the Looks seem like a very good option. Lots of places have Looks on sale right now and their cleats are much less expensive than other brands. You can get Kool Kovers to protect the cleats when you walk, or buy shoes like Lake's that let you walk with them (which is what I did). They come in a lot of different colors and styles. Although the weight is a little more than brands like Speedplay, when you consider how heavy the Speedplay cleats are vs. the Looks, I think they end up about the same.
One more thing I forgot to mention ...bianchi boy
Aug 24, 2001 7:35 PM
The Look pedals and cleats are thicker than SPDs, so I had to raise my saddle to get the right leg extension. I still haven't got this worked out, and may have to move my seat back a little too. That's the only thing about the swap that bothers me because I finally had my seat/stem/pedal position dialed in fairly well and now I've got to fiddle around with all this stuff again until I get it right. I changed shoes at the same time, so that also is a factor.
About a month ago, with no regrets.jw25
Aug 24, 2001 10:39 AM
I actually had some of the Ritchey Road Logic pedals, and never really liked them. They're light, and small, but that smallness makes them a tricky target to hit. Add some less than smooth bearings, and I was having major problems getting back in at intersections, and starting races, which is no place to worry about your pedals.
I switched to some SPD-R clones from Wellgo, which weren't bad. The larger platform was easier to get into, and alleviated some hotspots the SPD's were causing, but entry was still an issue, as was consistent release tension. Add to that some problems caused by other racer's accidentally coming out of SPD-R's (2 teammates and myself in one race is more than accidental, it's a sign of poor design, or serious user error.)
About a month ago, I made the swap to Looks, and from the first test entry, I was very impressed. They might be heavier than other systems, but the bearings are super-smooth, entry and exit are easy and positive, the cleats are among the least expensive, and the company's been around for years.
As for the 296's in particular, I've read that the adjustable float isn't really needed, but if the price is right, why not? I've seen a bunch of 357's on Ebay for around $70, as well.
Go with LooksGary M
Aug 24, 2001 11:44 AM
I pedalled on SPD's for years but always suffered from hot foot on long rides. I put some Looks PP206's on a couple of months back and was amazed how good they were- a larger platform that reduced hot foot and unbelievably easy to get in/out of. The only down side is that the cleats are impossible to walk in (get some Kool Covers) and you have to replace the cleats every so often- but they are pretty cheap.
Ritchey ProsVlad the Impaler
Aug 24, 2001 9:54 PM
I have the Ritchey Pros on my bike and think they're great. If you're used to clipping into SPDs then you shouldn't have much of a problem adjusting to the one sided entry.
re: SPDs to LOOKS with regrets???JohnG
Aug 26, 2001 11:27 AM
I've got Ritchey logics which I like a lot! My first pair was "defectve" but after some prodding Ritchey sent me another set.

They are very light. I totally disagree about the entry problem. I always beat my racer buddy across an intersection while he's busy screwing with his LOOKS. This pedal also puts your foot MUCH lower to the axle than the LOOK style pedals. Difference is about 3-4 mm which is significant. When I tried LOOKS I felt like I was riding and walking with those old 70's platform shoes. ;)