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Seven Axiom vs Odonata(5 posts)

Seven Axiom vs OdonataMikeC
Aug 24, 2001 8:08 AM
It looks like I'm actually going to get one of these puppies. Yes, I've looked at Serotta, Moots, and all the other guys, and I think the manufacturer decision is now at the level of whether you like steak or lobster. Anyone would one have to be an idiot to say that one is indisputably, quantitatively better than the other.
Anyway, the decision I can't quite get a handle on is whether to go with the all-ti Axiom or the ti/cf Odonata.
I don't race any more, which means that the Odonata stays in the picture. I'm 150lb, which is Odonata territory. I like 40+ mile rides, which may lean toward Odonata.
But I'm still worried that gaining some additional comfort and losing about a quarter pound through the cf pipes will also mean sacrificing some control and precision. I don't have any real reason to think this, but I do. BTW, Seven tells me that Odonata has no higher factory return rate due to crashes or other problems than Axiom has.
Has anyone actually ridden both bikes? What differences (if any) have you found? At this level, the $500 difference isn't going to make the decision.
re: Seven Axiom vs Odonata_BLT_
Aug 24, 2001 8:30 AM
I own an Axiom, but have not ridden the Odonata. The owner at my favorite LBS where I got the Axiom recommended the Axiom over the Odonata because he said the Odonata can be a little flexy in the bottom bracket/rear triangle. 'Course that's just his opinion, but he is pretty trustworthy. I live in a hilly area and really want some rigidity for climbing. As for my Axiom, it's quite stiff in the drivetrain and very comfortable as well. I wouldn't trade it for the Odonata for comfort, though everyone's measure of comfort is different. (and of course, I never did actually ride the Odonata...)I weigh 150-160 lbs. Hope this helps a little. Have you had a chance to test ride either one?
Get the Axiom...tirider
Aug 24, 2001 7:38 PM
...would be my opinion. I'm riding a Seven Axiom now built to my specifications and I never really considered the Odonata. There is a bit of weight savings there but you can tune the Axiom for comfort if that is your desire. I had the seatstays designed for some "give" and went with stiff short chainstays to maximize the climbing characteristics. Longetivity isn't really an issue since most of us will get the itch for something new long before any perceived concerns arise about c-fiber, but I felt that the Axiom was the benchmark for Seven without the flash of new design concepts. My perception is that Rob designed the Odonata to put Seven on the map so to speak, but the Axiom is their flagship. I do know someone who borrowed an Odonata for a few months and had nothing but praise for it though... a lot of help I've been, huh?
Get the Axiom...spankdoggie
Aug 24, 2001 10:21 PM
You might be happier with the axiom. I just got the Serotta CSI, but I was considering the axiom or odonata as well. The axiom is pure.
re: Seven Axiom vs Odonatasamcat
Aug 25, 2001 9:50 AM
I concur...Have just hit 1,000 miles on my it in early July. LOVE THE BIKE!

Looked at the Odonata and was advised by the LBS folks to do the Axiom; concerns with the carbon/Ti joint and flex issues. FYI, I'm a 5'6",140# rider.

Good luck!