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Favorite pocket food?(23 posts)

Favorite pocket food?Tri-State Cycler
Aug 23, 2001 4:28 PM
My faves are Rice Krispie treats, Fig Newtons and Clif, although I have been enjoying lollipops (Go ahead and flame me) of late. I was carrying around Powerbars until I got fed up with trying to seperate them from the foil on hot days, a major PITA. I have yet to try the gel stuff is it any good?
re: Favorite pocket food?hank
Aug 23, 2001 4:40 PM
gorp (Good Old Raisins and Peanuts) You can figure out the basic recipe :) I like to add M&Ms though they don't work well in hot weather. Other components can include dates, any other nuts, your favorite breakfast cereal, etc. Some people like pretzels.
CRAPAvanti Guy
Aug 23, 2001 6:44 PM
Adding the M&M's is a good way to turn GORP into CRAP...
I like CRAP myself, I also use leppin squeezies...

Oh yes, CRAP = Chocolate, Rasins And Peanuts :)...
re: Favorite pocket food?Birddog
Aug 23, 2001 5:11 PM
I like the GU, Cliff shots are OK, at least the ones with caffeine. I recently had a Power Gel free sample of Tri Berry or something like that, and it was good too, but I don't think it had any buzz.
re: Favorite pocket food?badabill
Aug 23, 2001 5:30 PM
Figs are my favorite. Make sure you cut the stem off. Also raisons/oatmeal and peanut butter cookies. I carry gu packets for bonk-time, I use energy bars when I am in a hurry.
re: Favorite pocket food?Pogliaghi
Aug 23, 2001 5:41 PM
I hate Powerbars and prefer Clif or Odwalla bars. Clif shots and Gu work as necessary evils since they do replenish me pretty quickly, but they're sickeningly sweet. But you know, a Snickers candy bar seems to work for me just as well.
Anyone try the gatorade bars yet?Lone Gunman
Aug 23, 2001 5:41 PM
I got one sitting around and was gonna field test it soon. I also ran across a trail mix that was a USDA Surplus food hand out that was excellent, lots of dried fruit, very tasty stuff but don't know where to buy it.
I recall trying one ...Humma Hah
Aug 23, 2001 6:23 PM
... and also recall instantly deciding not to try another. Out of all the awful energy bars I've tried, I can't remember which awful one this was. Not the extruded plastic, I think (that would be Power Bars). Probably the one like gravel.

Individually wrapped fruit bars work for me. They're like Kerry's fruit Newtons, except longer and with a wrapper. Ordinary chewy granola bars are pretty good, too.
Bought a box of assorted flavors a while back.shmoo
Aug 23, 2001 8:59 PM
Actually just chocolate, berry, and peanut butter. Taste OK, but light and flaky compared to other bars. Nutritional values a little lower than higher density bars like Cliff. Also dimensionally big (long) which makes them slightly harder to stow away in a saddle bag. Two or three in your jersey pocket looks like your carrying a load of bricks.
Anyone try the gatorade bars yet?Trent in WA
Aug 23, 2001 10:23 PM
The Gatorade bars are unspeakably nasty, rather like eating styrofoam stippled with rice crunchies dipped in a chocolate-flavored paraffin glaze. I think I'd rather bonk.
Ouch! LOL! TMI! nm.MB1
Aug 24, 2001 5:34 AM
Anyone try the gatorade bars yet?Debby
Aug 24, 2001 5:06 AM
Unfortunately, I also bought a box of these (the store was out of my favorite synthetic chocolate Powerbars). I didn't like them - they reminded me of rice crispy bars with horrid flavoring added. I guess the Power Bar must be an acquired taste. I started eating them many years ago (it takes that long to eat one!).

Actually, my favorite energy bar is the Cliff Bar Chocolate Brownie.
Anyone try the gatorade bars yet?NOEL C.
Aug 26, 2001 9:40 AM
re: Favorite pocket food?JimF
Aug 23, 2001 6:37 PM
Gu and NutriGrain bars
bananas and Hammergel nmDog
Aug 23, 2001 7:55 PM
I don't get a lollipop when I visit the doctor anymore. ;-(MB1
Aug 24, 2001 5:02 AM
But I will eat them on a bike. Also hard lemon candies.

A really popular snack with long distance riders is boiled red potatoes. Cheap, easy to carry and eat and best of all they are not sweet.
clif bars, clif gels, powergels, GORP, occasionally ensure nmHaiku d'état
Aug 24, 2001 5:10 AM
clif bars, clif gels, powergels, GORP, occasionally ensure nmDave Woof
Aug 24, 2001 9:50 AM
I have a friend that eats raw Ramen noodles right out of the plastic.

I say Yuck, but it works for him,

fig newtons, pop-tarts, and bagels.jw25
Aug 24, 2001 10:23 AM
Not that I don't like powerbars, but they have a very narrow temperature range where they're easy to eat. Plus, they get expensive at a buck a bar.
I really like fig newtons, especially since you can get them individually wrapped. They're just right for a jersey pocket, not too sweet, but they can be dry, especially after riding for an hour or two.
Pop-tarts suffer from that same dryness, as well as some crumbling issues, but they definitely get some sugar back into your bloodstream, and the range of flavors is nice.
Bagels also tend to be dry, and unless you wrap them, they can soak up a surprising amount of back-sweat. I guess it's electrolytes, but I'd much rather drink fresh ones than recycle.
And here's my dirty little secret : Little Debbie brownies are perfect riding food. Not too sweet, fairly moist, easy to open, good size, and not that unhealthy. Pretty good recovery food, too.
For racing, I prefer gels, but for long training rides, some good solid food keeps my energy level up, and there's no sticky jersey pockets to deal with afterwards.
I like to eat Little Debbieswink
Aug 24, 2001 10:29 AM
Agree with all of the above. Little Debbies and I go way back.
Cosmic Brownies?MeDotOrg
Aug 26, 2001 9:49 AM
I used to eat those back in the 60's, but I don't think Little Debbie made them...


BTW, NOW I eat clif bars, and a drink combination of hammer gel and endurox. Keep a clif shot or Gu gel on hand for bonking...
re: Favorite pocket food?Trent in WA
Aug 27, 2001 8:55 PM
My favorites: Whole-wheat fig newtons, Clif shots, dried pears, and the chocolate pecan pie flavored Luna bars. If I had to choose one of the above, it'd be the Luna bars. When I first acknowledged my addiction to them, I resented the fact that Clif markets them as the bar for women, since I did not see what was so especially chick-o-centric about chocolate, rice crunchies, caramel flavoring, and pecan bits. Then I had a few more and got over it. I think I'll have one now, in fact.
re: Favorite pocket food?Fire
Aug 28, 2001 6:38 PM
THIS IS A MUST!!! Next time you ride dont take those worthless gels!! Instead take 2 or 3 of those little microwaveable cans of spaghetti o's with you!... the ones with meat balls if your a protein junky! THERE'RE GREAT!.. unlike bars and stuff that melt in the sun these things get better the longer you ride on those hot days! And for those of you looking for something else besides expensive sport drinks try filling your water bottles with some cold tomato soup or chicken broth.... you get all the carbs those other drinks give you without the nasty sugar aftertaste!!!