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Flat-proof tires(14 posts)

Flat-proof tiresJoel76
Aug 23, 2001 12:56 PM
Don't cha get tired of changing flats all the time? My tires just don't seem to want to hold air. I try to avoid glass, nails, bullets, bombs, sharp metal objects and so on....but it doesn't seem to tires still go flat whenever they want to.

Don't you think they could make a light weight tire with kevlar or something strong and puncture resistant? ....maybe they do and I just don't know about it.

How about a tire poll:

What are the best light weight puncture resistant tires out there? about tubes?
Viva la spin skinsdinky
Aug 23, 2001 2:38 PM
All tires seem fallible but with the skins there is hope. My daily route involves about 100 yrds of this unpaved gravel/sand path. It is the only way for me to get to the open road. There is always glass, bottle caps and a variety of other trash. One flat in a year of using them and I have the notoriously finicky axial pros! They weigh next to nothing and were easy to install.
Unfortuantelygrzy mnky
Aug 23, 2001 3:41 PM
They cost a pretty penny and they don't last that long. I didn't even get a season out of my last set. They delaminate from the cloth backing and crack into pieces. Still, I use 'em both road and MTB. Wifey won't ride without them. I figure that paying the extra $$$ for them is still owrth it in terms of flat time and tube replacement/repair.

I do agree that they are better than not having them, but you can still flat - it's just a *lot* less frequent.
There are tons of tires with Kevlar...UncleMoe
Aug 23, 2001 3:12 PM
I ride Vitorria Rubino's at about $20 each and made with Kevlar. I still get an occassional flat (2 in my last 1000 miles). Not fool proof, but not bad either.
But the Kevlar in some Vitorria tires...PdxMark
Aug 23, 2001 3:29 PM
is not a belt, but rather bits of Kevlar mixed into the rubber compound to improve wear or rolling resistance, or something, as I recall, but not for flat protection... maybe I just didn't read the package closely enough, but Vitorria's Kevlar isn't always what you think it is/want it to be...
But the Kevlar in some Vitorria tires...Tri-State Cycler
Aug 23, 2001 3:51 PM
Vittoria has the "3D" compound which has kevlar mixed into the rubber.
If you puncture frequently, then use spinskins or slime combined with a kevlar belted tire. Not the greatest for rolling resistance but beats changing tires all the time.
The Kevlar is only in the beadBig Mike
Aug 23, 2001 6:20 PM
That is correct the Kevlar is not in the form of a bullet proof belt but in liew of a wire bead they use the kevlar as the light weight bead. look at the weight listed on the same tires wrie or kevlar.
re: Flat-proof tiresDCP
Aug 23, 2001 8:08 PM
They aren't exactly light weight at 270g, but I got my first flat with them at about 1300 miles and, at least at the moment, they are light on the wallet. Chuck's bikes has Michelin Axial Selects which have a Kevlar belt, not just in the bead, in a 700X23 for $12.

My bike came with these tires. I can't compare them with better tires. I bought several more as they are cheap, and since I don't yet know what I'm missing, why not?
Michelin Axial Selectszelig1
Aug 24, 2001 3:08 AM
After 25 years on tubs I switched to clinchers when I moved to London, broken glass capital of the world. It's worse than NYC. Nine flats over 4,000 miles on tubs. After going to Axial Selects, I've had eight flats over 7,000 miles, almost double the miles per flat. And this weighing 60kg and not inflating over 110psi. The only other tire I've tried has been the Vred Fortezza's. They're also fairly resistant to glass until the rubber tread at the crown wears down. At that point, the PRB's not thick enough by itself to prevent glass shards from penetrating. The Axial Selects are not affected as badly by tread wear.

I haven't seen them in the stores for a while and it was deleted from Michelin's website although I see that its returned as "new". Hope its unchanged or improved. While you wouldn't race on them, I would agree that they're a great value in tires.
Free pair of flat-proof tiresAndy
Aug 23, 2001 8:45 PM
I have an unused pair of flat-proof tires I'll give away for free if you'll pay for shipping. They're the greentyre racer 700 x 20.

They are NOT high performance tires. I wouldn't even use them for training but they are a novelty item.
re: Flat-proof tiresIan
Aug 23, 2001 11:43 PM
Try an offering from Vredestein. They have a couple of offerings which have what they call the PRS (puncture resistant system) layer. I have been riding their Tri-Comp which is a race quality tire at 240-250 grams. I have been on them for 2,000 miles and have not had any flats, or even any significant cuts. Check out their website, it will give more info than I could.
re: Flat-proof tiresJoel76
Aug 24, 2001 2:30 AM
That was some good information. Thanks! ....especially Ian.....I checked out that web site and will have to try a set of those tires. ..they sound pretty good.
Vittoria TiresPoulidor
Aug 24, 2001 7:56 AM
Some but not all of the information previously posted about Vittoria tires with Kevlar is correct. Some only have Kevlar beads. Other models have the 3D compound (with Kevlar mixed in with the tread rubber) and others have the PRB (Puncture Resistant Belt) that is a Kevlar belt, under the tread rubber that is very effective in preventing flats. I highly recommend the tires that have all three features. I have used two sets of Techno Twin Treads (with Kevlar bead, 3D compound and PRB) for over 5000 miles and only had one flat. This may not be typical but I am a believer in the PRB.
re: Flat-proof tiresalex the engineer
Aug 24, 2001 5:54 AM
In my touring bike, I ise Specialized turbo armadillo. I wouldn't call them light or high performance, but they have been flat-proof, and I've run over a LOT of cr@p with them. On my road bike, Tufo S33 specials haven't let me down yet, and there is actually a lighter, higher-priced tire they sell which is GUARANTEED to not flat. I have used the Tufo sealant in my tires, and it does work.