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Clueless Captain & Blind Stoker -- Tips?(6 posts)

Clueless Captain & Blind Stoker -- Tips?doug_s
Aug 23, 2001 10:03 AM
An older friend of mine has gotten himself into something a little over his head.

He is 61 years old, and in poor shape. He has a lifetime friend who is blind. The blind guy hit him up to do the MS150 with him on a tandem. The stoker is in good shape, as he does a variety of charity rides. Right now, he's hiking the Grand Canyon. So, I'm not worried about his condition to do 150 mi over two days. However, my friend isn't so lucky. Up until two weeks ago he hadn't been on a bike in over twenty years. He's borrowed a bike and has been riding every night up and down a hill near his house -- no real miles to speak of. He called 2 days ago and says he's worried, and asks me for tips. The ride is September 8-9.

Basically, I told him to ride as much as he can between now and then -- and to start getting some miles in his legs. I really did not know what else to say, as it seems like such a monumental effort. I did loan him a helmet. there any advice I could give this guy? I'm gonna be on the ride too, so I can keep an eye on them, and there will be plenty of SAG wagons plus break areas. My opinion is that he'll likely kill himself to do the first day, but be in no condition to do it again the second, but I hope I am wrong. By the way, due to strong personal feelings toward the stoker, I do not think there's any chance he'll back out at this late date.

Thanks for any advice you could give.
Tell him he is doing his buddy no favor.MB1
Aug 23, 2001 10:21 AM
You could offer to captain the tandem.
You might not like this but...MrCelloBoy
Aug 23, 2001 10:31 AM
I'd suggest YOU offer to captain the tandem (I get the impression you're a more experienced cyclist) and allow the 61 year old to ride as much as he feels capable of on his single bike. Captaining a tandem is a role that demands confidence and a bit of extra upper-body strength (just a little, you may already know this). This will also take a lot of pressure off the 61 year old and probably reassure the blind stoker.
re: Clueless Captain & Blind Stoker -- Tips?I can't remember my dmn login
Aug 23, 2001 11:12 AM
I agree that the captain is in way over his head. But as you stated, these two are lifelong friends and the Stoker asked for this captain. I share your concern. But we aren't giving the stoker much credit for his selection or experience. Have these two teamed up before? Wowser this looks like a disaster ready to strike.
The subject line could make a great...Kristin
Aug 23, 2001 11:44 AM
case title for the Peoples Court! Hope it doesn't come to that. I wish them both the best, as it sounds like some adventure.
On second thought it doesn't sound good at all..MB1
Aug 23, 2001 12:12 PM
No way your older friend is getting in shape in 16 days to do 150 miles in 2 days. Even if he is fairly fit from other activities his cycling specific muscles won't be up to it. Not to mention his butt.

He could get hurt and hurt his blind friend if something bad goes down.

I think the best thing you can do is to stay with them on the ride, be supportive and be the voice of reason if things fall apart.

Good luck.