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No Vuelta for Canadian Fans(1 post)

No Vuelta for Canadian FansM. Friedman
Aug 23, 2001 5:27 AM
I was informed today by OLN Canada's audience relations people that
the network will not be covering the Vuelta a Espana -- and probably
not the World Championships -- despite the fact that its US
counterpart will be having daily coverage and, consequently, OLN
Canada has ready access to the feed.

No one else in Canada, of course, will be covering these events and,
because they will be covered by OLN in the US, they won't be appearing
on any other channels accessible in Canada.

More than likely, Canadian viewers will be treated to OLN Canada's
steady stream of World's Strongest Man and Lumberjack competition
repeats, fishing shows, repeats of National Geographic specials that
can be seen on a dozen other networks and pseudo documentaries and
travel shows in the near future.

If you subscribed to digital cable so you could watch cycling on OLN
Canada, and you want to complain, call OLN/TSN audience relatins
at (416) 490-7030, or email them at

For updates on this strange state of affairs, visit my ad-hoc Web site