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PI shorts in the laundry. Or is it wear?(6 posts)

PI shorts in the laundry. Or is it wear?JimF
Aug 23, 2001 5:23 AM
I've noticed on 2 pair of PI Ultrasensor (I think they're Ultrasensors, they're pretty good ones, a couple of medium-duty years old) that they are wearing badly on the fronts of my thighs. They look "scuffed" and the first time it happened, I attributed it to a fall.

I usually machine wash and dry on gentle cycle, and I had thought that was not a problem.

It might also be stress, though, since my thighs are always big. When I get out of shape, they're just plain fat, but when I'm in shape, they're still out of proportion to my waist size. So far, my larger size shorts are not showing the problem, but they're also newer.

Anybody having a similar problem?
I was under the assumption...PsyDoc
Aug 23, 2001 5:55 AM
...that you do not put cycling shorts or jersies in the dryer. I had a pair of Shaver Sport cycling shorts that started exhibiting the same "scuffed" appearance as yours, but these shorts were 6-7 years old.
No dryers for bike clothesThioderek
Aug 23, 2001 6:25 AM
I have a pair of PIs that I wore as a messenger that are over 8 years old now. They are the original chamois style. I have been trying to get used to the newer styles of the huge pad.

Anyways, I have extended the life of these shorts by either handwashing in the shower after every ride and letting them drip dry. Or, put them in the washer on cold with all my other bike clothes and then hanging them all out to dry as well.

The shorts are almost at the end of their life now. They have the scuffed appearence talked about here on the back and the front. They are also almost see through in some spots. I will have to retire them soon.
No dryerRich Clark
Aug 23, 2001 8:48 AM
Bike shorts dry fast, just hanging from a doorknob. I generally find that all of my bike clothes, being made of hi-tech wicking fabrics, are dry the next morning if I wash them in the evening. I do have a couple of Zoic Continental jerseys that benefit from a litle fluffing in the dryer to reduce wrinkles.

It's wearterry b
Aug 23, 2001 8:53 AM
I have a couple of pairs of PI Ultrasensor that are showing their age - scuffed around the edge of the pads wear my butt contacts the saddle. The material has a base layer that is impregnated with a second material that wears off by abrasion. Both pairs have several years and many thousands of miles on them. All my cycling gear goes into the dryer, I don't think it makes any difference in the longevity, shorts and jerseys are essentially plastic afterall. I also have a few less expensive pairs of shorts from my MTB days that are probably 2x older than my PI road shorts with many more washes and drys. They look like new, and my guess is that while I wore and washed them more often, my MTB rides were much shorter than my road rides and thus the abrasion was far less.
PI Ultra & Microsensors wear quickerDaveG
Aug 23, 2001 9:03 AM
While I really like the PI Ultrasensor and now Microsensors I do not think that material wears as well as the basic PI shorts. I get the same type of abrasion wear as you described. So now I generally save the Microsensors for the hot long epic rides and use cheaper (and longer wearing) shorts for typical training rides. After all, what do you expect from a pair of $110 shorts anyway?!