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Bianchi frame model ID help...(6 posts)

Bianchi frame model ID help...waesa
Aug 22, 2001 2:54 PM
Heya. I bought a Bianchi used from a guy at the shop where I work. It's a lugged frame, fairly late model (previous owner said it was the last year they built lugged frames), made in Italy with Deddacai tubing. Celeste color, and it has pannier rack dropout braze-ons.

The components don't really help as he put Ultegra and Dura-Ace on it after market. (Garlic sushi? Rice pasta? I dunno)

Anyway, I was wondering a few things about it. i.e. year made, model, etc. Whatever I find out, I won't be disappointed with the deal I made on it! :D Anyway, If you happen to know anything about my li'l bike let me know. Thanks--

re: Bianchi frame model ID help...Cliff Oates
Aug 22, 2001 3:03 PM
Probably an Eros - club racer type geometry similar to the current version. I think 97 was the last year they made lugged frames and I had a 97 Veloce that was lugged with Dedacciai tubing. I'm pretty sure I bought in favor of a tigged 98 model. The San Remo (Audax in the UK) is the other bike likely to have rack eyelets, but it would also have canti studs.
re: Bianchi frame model ID help...waesa
Aug 22, 2001 5:29 PM
Neat. I was maybe thinking Eros, but the year was impossible to figure out. Yeah, it's a wonderful frame. and for 700 bucks with Ultegra/ Dura-Ace and Mavic Open Pro wheels... mmmm

Thanks a heap. I'll just take your word on it :)

Eros or CampioneKevin M
Aug 23, 2001 4:58 AM
I have a '97 Eros. Yes, that is the last year they made a lugged frame. Mine is deep red, and the alternate color was dark green. I don't think they made a Celeste in the Eros in 97. It may have been a Campione. Similar frame, but with a double and probably different color choices. Not that it really matters since the components have all been changed. One difference may be the chainstay length. The Eros (57 cm) has 418, but the Campione in the same size is 410.
Eros or CampioneCliff Oates
Aug 23, 2001 5:17 AM
Campione (and Veloce) doesn't have eyelets on the dropouts, which his does.
Eros or CampioneAndy M-S
Aug 23, 2001 7:29 AM
The Campione (CdI) sometimes has rack eyelets at the dropouts and sometimes doesn't.

I've owned three, and two of them had rack eyelets. Go figger.

I had a late lugged CdI, and the most distinctive thing about it was the brake bridge--like a shallow inverted "V", with very tight clearance for anything larger than a 23. Dropouts were semi-vertical, as I recall (sort of diagonal). Stays were straight, not wishboned.

One way to tell if this is an Eros-type or a Campione-type frame is to check how much clearance you have between the rear tire and the seat tube. On a CDI, with a 700x23 mounted you should have a hard time getting a finger between the tire and the tube. On an Eros, if I remember correctly, the stays are longer and you should be able to clear without any trouble.