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should I buy this used Cannondale?(5 posts)

should I buy this used Cannondale?tearsinrain
Aug 21, 2001 11:02 AM

One of my co-workers is a serious road biker and loves spending lots of dough on bikes. He is selling his bike from 1995 or 1996 that he had custom built. Wondering what you think it might be worth (description below)? It's old but he hasn't ridden it for 2 years b/c of an accident which he had, although he said the bike didn't have a scratch on it. But, most importantly, should I buy it (presuming it fits)? Otherwise I will probably buy the best bike I can get for $800-ish...

Thanks very much for your help,


PS Please email me at

Cannondale Road Bike frame, custom built
Ø Cannondale 2.8 aluminum frame (2.8lb), 54cm, color bright blue/purple
Ø Full Campagnolo Chorus grupo (brakes, shifters, hubs, crank, sprocket, freewheel, chain, seat post, front/rear deraileurs)
Ø 53/39 front sprocket
Ø 12/21 freewheel, 9 speed
Ø Campagnolo Ergo shifters
Ø Profile handlebar
Ø TTT stem
Ø Carbon fiber front fork
Ø Sella Italia saddle with titanium rails
Ø Mavic Paris-Roubaix rims (700C)
Ø Continental sprinter tubular tires (22mm)
Ø Quick-release front and rear wheels
Ø Look clipless pedals

From the owner: "I don't believe my bike had a model number, other than the designation '2.8' at the time. As I can see, the CAAD frames have an hourglass shaped seat stay where the seatstay on my frame is straight. I would bet that the frame geometry is a racing geometry on most Cannondale road bikes and most frames are still double-butted."
re: should I buy this used Cannondale?Akirasho
Aug 21, 2001 11:37 AM
The 2.8 is a nice frame... it preceeded the CAAD3 series and differs mainly by having the cantilevered rear stays... As such, this bike is very stiff and efficient, but some folks complain of harshness (I've got two 2.8's and they're great for me).

You're right about the geometry.

Your only real concerns would be cracks in the aluminium frame... either at the main triangle tube junctions or at the cantilevered stay junction(I just talked to a guy last week who had his frame replaced gratis because of a failure at this point... mine are good to go so far). Cannondale warranteed these bikes for life and they were well designed, but being aluminium, they can be the subject of stress cracks which can lead to catastrophic failures (rare, but possible). If you trust your friend's assessment of the crash damage, and give the bike a good going over too, and the price is right (not much to want from your list), then this could be a good bike to buy.

Be the bike.
re: should I buy this used Cannondale?Mel Erickson
Aug 21, 2001 12:05 PM
I would take the bike to a good shop and have the frame checked for damage and alignment. If everything is good this is a good bike, although not as compliant a ride as today's Cannondales. If problems are uncovered have your friend send it in to Cannondale for repair/replacement under his warranty as the warranty is not transferable. Once he gets the repaired frame or replacement frame back then buy the bike. I'd be hoping for damage and that Cannondale would replace the frame. You'd get a great frame at, a hopefully, bargain price (if your friend is so inclined).
Only if it Fits!wink
Aug 21, 2001 12:28 PM
Only give it serious consideration if it fits.
re: should I buy this used Cannondale?Lone Gunman
Aug 21, 2001 1:54 PM
Even if the frame is bad or not rider compliant as you would like, that total group of components would fit nicely on a new frameset if the mileage is not excessive. You say it sat for a few years, if you have a shop to check it out plus you get to see it up close, not a bad deal at all.