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Unusual animal morning(12 posts)

Unusual animal morning_BLT_
Aug 21, 2001 8:27 AM
Weird commute this morning. Saw probably 10 raccoons and half a dozen rabbits, way more than usual. Had a near miss: Right as I turned out of my subdivision, uphill moving slowly, I found myself face to face with the business end of a skunk. He was in the middle of the road and saw me before I saw him. I swerved left, just a couple feet from him, and he hiked his tail up, aimed at me, but alas, he took pity on me. No skunk bath this morning. That could have been very unpleasant.
re: ever see Hitchcock's "The Birds"???Akirasho
Aug 21, 2001 11:07 AM
... variation on a theme... Be afraid, be very afraid, and...

Be the bike.
I've had killer bees after me for the last week...keith m.
Aug 21, 2001 11:19 AM
been stung three times in the last week. There has been lots of bee activity going on lately. The're all over the place on my morning ride. They keep flying into my helmet. got stung on the forehead, my finger, and the worst, my upper lip. I was doing a recovery ride that day so my mouth was closed, good thing, normally it's open and I'm huffing and puffing.
Another bee story...Warren128
Aug 21, 2001 2:05 PM
My riding partner got stung last Sunday. He just unzipped his jersey a bit to cool down during a long uphill, and moments later, a bee flew right into the open jersey. He got stung on his side near his ribs before he was able to lift his jersey to let the bee out. All along, I was feeling good about dropping him like a rock up that hill :), only to find out what really happened later after he caught up with me.

got stung on the tongue once...Jofa
Aug 21, 2001 3:36 PM
I was riding in the middle of nowhere, well, a load of Vineyards in France, and the bee flew in my mouth (or, I scooped it up, depending on your point of view). As my tongue started to pulsate and swell I started remembering all the stories of suffocation I'd heard and brushed off. Ultimately it didn't swell enough to cut my breathing, but it isn't an experience I'd like to repeat. Maybe I should experiment with a mouth mozzie net.

Aug 21, 2001 2:02 PM
On Friday of last week I had this very funny start to my morning commute. I live near a golf course and can cut about 2.0 miles and a big hill off my ride by cutting thru the golf course cart path. I came around a corner just at dawn and there are about 20 rabbits in the path. They all tear off like, well, like rabbits in the same direction I'm going. So for about 1/4 mile I am riding thru a stampede of rabbits.

Now I know why coyotes catch them so easily. They just run with no thought about what is chasing them. I felt like a character from Jurassic Park with dinosaurs running all around me.
Coyote Summermike mcmahon
Aug 21, 2001 2:10 PM
I've seen a butt-load of coyotes this summer: from little pups to ratty old-times who look like they've been in more scrapes than Mickey Rourke. The rational part of my brain tells me that they don't bother people, but every now and then I run across one who looks like he's thinking about it.
City Geese....filtersweep
Aug 21, 2001 2:58 PM
...mean old city geese that show no respect for cyclists. I only encounter them on a commuter trail that leads to some good riding roads. They are truly dirty birds, and from what I hear, they are Canadians ;)
Philadelphia Schuylkill Geese...Rich Clark
Aug 21, 2001 3:59 PM
...are varmints; pestiferous, mean, aggressive, filthy, and they don't even taste good. Well, maybe not that last part, but they're probably too diseased to be safely eaten.

They crap all over everything, they attack -- yes attack! bicycles --and they think they own the damn park.

Even the Fairmount Park Commission agrees, and is trying to get people to stop feeding the nasty horrors, but there are too many "animal lovers" who'd be happier in a world filled with animals and no other people but them.


RichC (poison's too good)
NJ Geese...Spinchick
Aug 21, 2001 5:04 PM
Yeah I just got chased by one of those nasty varmits the other day. I thought he was gonna choke himself in my spokes.
I met Rockie Racoonjagiger
Aug 21, 2001 5:24 PM
Two weeks ago, I'm riding up the road and see some animals, which turn out to be a mother & baby raccoon. I thought that once they heard me that they would scoot off the road. No way, they just took their time & as I came up on them "ol' Rockie" just started hissing at me. Pretty intense....motherly instincts and all. I didn't know what to expect & I was prepared to turn my wheel her way in case she started coming at me. I thought that I might be able to back her off for an instant so I could make a get-away.

Luckily I didn't have to find out that she eats road tires & bike riders, as she just continued to hiss. But people coming from the other direction had to stop & wait. I told them that Rockie was kinda pissed today!
re: Unusual animal morningBirddog
Aug 21, 2001 7:20 PM
I see a flock of wild turkey about once a week and possum just about every day.