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Finger Numbness(2 posts)

Finger NumbnessUW Mitch
Aug 20, 2001 11:39 AM
Yesterday I went on my longest straight ride...40 miles. I'm riding a mt. bike with slicks on the road (mostly around the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA). After the ride I realized my left pinky had fallen asleep. I didn't get full feeling back in it until about 10 hours after I got off the bike.

I didn't think I would have this problem, because as I rode, I switched hand positions (bars and bar ends) and shook my hands out and stuff. I'm wearing Pearl Izumi gel-lite half-finger gloves. Is this just an indication of poor technique/form on my part? I've got a 75 mile ride coming up in about a month, and want to fix my problem before it gets worse.

Well it was your longest ride, right?MB1
Aug 20, 2001 11:49 AM
Anyway compare your riding position on your ATB to how people your age/ability sit on road bikes. In other words don't look at Lance Armstrong for an idea of how to fit a bike. From your problem I wouldn't be surprised if your seat is much higher than your bars.

When you ride in the dirt I bet you usually stop much more often than you did on your road ride. Take your hands off the bars, stop, walk around etc.

It doesn't sound like your problem is anything major yet, just remember to build up to longer distances gradually. You will be fine.