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anyone riding Fuji Team Issue bike/frameset?(2 posts)

anyone riding Fuji Team Issue bike/frameset?Made in Taiwan
Aug 19, 2001 8:35 PM
I'm intrigued by coloradocyclist's offer of the team issue frame by fuji. Seems like a good deal for a ult or DA bike. I like the Fork and the mono/cf seat stay. Aluminum main triangle and chain stay. Does anyone on this board own one? i've checked the review section but it does not have the team issue version, only the Professional and the Team (not the same as Team ISSUE) bikes.
re: anyone riding Fuji Team Issue bike/frameset?Slothlike
Aug 19, 2001 9:24 PM
I don't own one, but I just got a Fuji mountain bike from Colorado Cyclist a month ago. The Team is a really nice bike and Fuji is definitely underrated. The Team Issue is very light and looks great and like most Fuji's, they get awesome reviews in Bicycling Magazine if that matters. The guy that reviews the bikes was the writer for the old Bicylist magazine so he knows his Sh$%. Colorado Cyclist did a great job putting together my mountain bike and the deal was phenomenal.
Actually, I just found the issue of Bicycling Magazine that rated the Team Issue (may 2001). It got 4 cogs out of 5 which is great. Price as tested in the magazine was $4000 and CC is selling the same Dura Ace bike for $2399. It was praised for its lightness, a 61cm bike was tested and weighed 17.7 lbs (I told you it was light). The ride was also praised for the responsiveness of the scandium frame but the softening of the harshness with the carbon. The bike is apparently built in Australlia as well. I would buy it if you want a scandium frame. Only downfall is that it is not a lifetime frame, especially if you race or hammer on it all the time. Not that it will fall apart on you, but scandium doesn't have the fatigue life of other metals and this was addressed in the review. For the price though and that groupset, you are almost getting the frame for nothing. this bike will last longer than you would probably want to keep it anyway. You could probably ride it for many years, but unlike titanium, you can't wxpect it to ride like new 7-20 years from now.