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Your Thoughts on Performance bikes, especially the R-100?(9 posts)

Your Thoughts on Performance bikes, especially the R-100?Chuck Jones
Aug 19, 2001 4:54 PM
I'm looking at a Performance R-100 road bike, shimano 105s (triple), aluminum frame, for $750. I am new to road bikes, plan to ride 10 miles each way to work & back 3-5 days a week. The bike feels comfortable to me, but I'm wondering about its long term performance. There is not a lot of information available on this bike. Anyone have experience with Performance bikes? Your thoughts?
re: Your Thoughts on Performance bikes, especially the R-100?VictorChan
Aug 19, 2001 5:01 PM
With $750, you can get yourself a good name brand bike from well known makers like Trek, Raleigh, Cannondale, and others. Performance is a good vendor but I won't buy a bike made by Performance though. In fact, I won't buy any components made by Performance.
re: Your Thoughts on Performance bikes, especially the R-100?Rich Clark
Aug 19, 2001 5:34 PM
If you don't care about brand names as status symbols, it's probably going to be fine. As I've heard it told, Performance shops vary quite a bit in terms of the quality of their staffs and the expertise of their salespeople. The one around here -- Paoli, PA -- seems to be top-notch. If yours is able to spend the time and has the tools to get you really properly fit on the bike, then that's most of what you should be concerned about.

If there's a problem with Performance bikes, it's the high proportion of house-brand parts they use. It's how they manage to get higher-than-usual drivetrain specs for their price points. Now I've never had a personal problem with the limited number of Performance brand things I've bought -- a $20 cassette for my son's MTB; a lockring tool and a chainwhip; some clothes -- but I've never tried anything really important, like wheels or a fork. And I think Performance bikes really load up on their "Forte" parts -- stems, bottom brackets, rims, forks, headsets.

So while $750 is cheap for a "105 bike," the rest of the parts aren't on that level.

Again, though, if you have a good local Performance shop that will stand behind the bike, that counts for a lot. I wouldn't automatically write off the bike, but I'd want to compare it with other, similarly priced bikes. I've seen some killer prices on Univegas with Campy parts, recently, for example. And even at that Performance store, they probably have some competitive Schwinns and Fujis to look at.

This is the time of year when good deals on leftover 2001 bikes abound, though. You should shop around.

One last thought, from someone who commutes 26 miles a day, 5000 miles a year: don't screw around with cheap wheels, especially if you don't have great pavement. Particularly, the lighter the rims and the thinner the tires, the less you can afford junky machine-built wheels on a commuter. And the bigger you are personally, the truer this is.

re: Your Thoughts on Performance bikes, especially the R-100?JL
Aug 19, 2001 6:00 PM
Hey RichC,

I frequent the Paoli Performance. I agree they're pretty good at that store. Do you do any of the local bike group rides (DVBC or BBC)? Just wondering if I would have run into you anywhere. I've only done the organized events (Dog Daze Century, etc.), not the "others". Pretty much a solo, but maybe I've seen you around. What a great area we ride in. Easy to find less traveled roads and most of them are in pretty good shape.

Happy riding and maybe I'll see you around.

re: Your Thoughts on Performance bikes, especially the R-100?Rich Clark
Aug 19, 2001 8:31 PM
Hey, JL,

I'm strictly a soloist, although I've been thinking about the BCP's Schuylkill Century on Sept 9. I generally avoid groups partly because of my ornery nature and partly because they always drop me on hills.

Delaware/Checter Counties are great riding, yeah. I live down in Ridley Park by the Boeing plant, and one favorite ride takes me up 252 (wonderful road) through Paoli where Performance is, to Valley Forge; then I take the VF trail into Philadelphia, and I just pick up my regular commute rout home from Center City. That's a little over a metric century of really interesting, varied riding.

Another great ride starts the same way, but then I cut through Ridley Creek State Park (some nasty climbs in there) and pick up US 3 and head out to West Chester.

Wave if you see me, a wide, pale greybeard on an Airborne Carpe Diem (if it's daylight and dry) or a blue Novara Randonee with fenders and pannier racks.

re: Your Thoughts on Performance bikes, especially the R-100?JL
Aug 20, 2001 6:20 AM
I agree. Ridley Park has some nasty little climbs. I'm pretty much solo myself. A few organized rides now and then. I ride 252 frequently for a flat start/finish of my rides (I'm close to General Wayne Country Club. Goshen Road is one of my favorite rolly-hilly routes around here. I ride south of West Chester a lot too. Just did 84 miles Saturday into Delaware and through Avon Grove. I like Valley Forge and the Schuylkill trail myself.

I'll look for you on either bike. I'm on a Carbon colored Trek 5200 if you see me "struggling" around Ridley Creek/Valley Forge/West Chester. Sorry, nothing else too distinctive to set me apart from the others (maybe silver/white Giro helmet).

Happy riding.

John L.
re: Your Thoughts on Performance bikes, especially the R-100?JL
Aug 19, 2001 6:02 PM
Not to deter you, but check the parts list again. The Performance website says the R-101 has Tiagra not 105. I don't think it will hurt you for your intended purpose, but make sure you check other bikes in the same range first. If this one fits best then buy and ride it happily on your commute.

Good luck and happy riding.

re: Your Thoughts on Performance bikes, especially the R-100?AndyD
Aug 19, 2001 6:05 PM
I have not had any problems with Performance Bike parts or Sales people. But, I do agree with the above Posts. With end of year coming you should be able to score a better deal on a Name brand left over. I also commute 40 miles a day. I started on a Bianchi Eros triple, but I I have switched to Kona Jake the snake Cyclocross beefier frame and wider tires. It also alot more fun to ride you don't have to worry about pot holes or road seams. And if I want to I hit some mild single track on the way home. Depends on how stressed out I got during the day. I got the Kona for 700 and I have seen some other deals at LBS. Good Luck
No resale value at all.MB1
Aug 20, 2001 7:19 AM
House brands come and house brands go. Name brands have some value although it can be overated.

Just an idea but usually for $750 you can get a awfully nice used bike.

Another thought; what is security like where you will be locking/parking your bike? Maybe something older and not as nice looking as a new bike might be better. Remember your commuting bike should always weigh 40 lbs. A 20 lb bike needs 20 lbs of locks, you can secure a 40 lb bike with a 1 oz lock.