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Racing...lungs...pneumonia(1 post)

Aug 19, 2001 12:40 PM
Hey guys,

Rather new to the site, but have a bit of a story (lesson) for all of us. 14 days ago I got a little head cold. No big deal. Had my first velodrome clinic the next day. Felt a bit crappy. Signed up for a race on Tuesday. Did the race... What has ensued since has taught me a valuable lesson in testosterone and athelete mentality...

I've been racing MTB all summer so fitness was not an issue, my lungs were just a little congested so I figured hey, no biggy. Wrongo. My lungs went into complete spasm two days after the race (I thought no big, just fried lungs) been there, done that. Last Monday I went into the doctor to see what's up... Well, pulse ox was 86 (very bad) and one of my lungs had a partial collapse (atalectisis). This has lead to a mild case of pneumonia. I'm currently taking five medications (steriods, inhalers, antibiotics, allergy junk etc...) and feeling much better.

The good side of this is a diagnosis of mild asthma (exercise induced) which I will be treated for and my doc says my fitness will markedly improve (instant fitness, just add drugs).

Lesson learned is DON'T f- with your lungs, just for commitments sake. It's just not worth it. My stupidity is common in us athlete types, the problem is, we amateurs don't have a coaching staff to tell us when to stop.

Anyway, I hope to be back on the bike tomorrow for some low level base mileage. It will probably be another 8-10 days before I'm back to full training...