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old bianchi(3 posts)

old bianchislomo
Aug 19, 2001 10:05 AM
1985 approx bianchi campione d'italia with campy groupo for sale locally.Im a mtn biker who rides to work a couple times a week, 40 miles return.Im wondering if this bike is worth getting ($150). Im now using a 2nd mtn bike with road tires. Opinions appreciated.
That's a good deal if ...bianchi boy
Aug 19, 2001 3:55 PM
There's no rust on the frame and it's generally in good shape. I've got a mid-80s Bianchi Nuovo Record and I've seen similar ones sell on eBay for $300-500. I recently stripped all the old components off my frame (Campy NR derailleurs, mix of other parts) and replaced them with an Ultegra group and wheelset I had from another bike. It is a fantastic riding frame, a little heavier than newer steel bikes, but with incredible details you just don't find anymore -- nice lugs, engraved fork crowns and seat stays. By the way, you could probably buy the bike, strip it down and clean it, and sell the frame and parts for much more than $150. I sold all of the old components off my Bianchi for about $200, and probably could have gotten $150 easily for the frame alone. One other thing, the frame is worth a lot more if it is Celeste green -- that's what everyone associates with Bianchis.
re: old bianchimackgoo
Aug 19, 2001 3:59 PM
If it's in good shape grab it. What's 150$?