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anyone know/ride a MERCKX Century??(3 posts)

anyone know/ride a MERCKX Century??jhsu
Aug 18, 2001 4:39 PM
an older Merckx is up for sale. it is Merckx Century, with TSX tubing. does anyone know if this is a road race bike, club bike, etc....and where it sat in the pecking order of Eddy Merckx's lineup in its time. i looked on, his bicycle co. official website, and the Century is no longer made.

thanks, jim
re: anyone know/ride a MERCKX Century??Hank
Aug 19, 2001 11:14 AM
depending on the year (I'm guessing it's early 90s) it was at the top or near the top of the line (the MX Leader replaced it as the top of the line, I believe). He used to offer two different geometries--century and a more agressive geomerty--now just one and it's the century geoemtry. So this bike you're looking at has the same geometry as the current bikes. I've got a Century from about 1990 and it's made out of Reynolds. Nice, solid, bulletproof, kind of heavy race bikes. Make sure you'll fit it right, though - they have laid back seat tube angles.
re: anyone know/ride a MERCKX Century??MacA
Aug 19, 2001 1:39 PM
I currently ride a Merckx Century that was purchased brand new in '92.
Still ride it to this day. My bike was made with Columbus TSX tubing and from what I remember, the two major high-end Merckx products used SLX and TSX tubing.

By design the TSX tubing was stiffer than SLX and the Century also had a higher MSRP FWIW.

I believe it came in two or three color schemes - two pro models (including Motorola at the time) and what I have which is called "Tutti Frutti" - a combination of Purple, Yellow, and Redish/Pink. It looks better than it sounds!

It's a great ride. If your not used to the geometry, you may think the rides a little "skittish" but after a while, it's real intuitive to ride.

Shoot me off an email if you have any other questions. . .