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Oakley Racing Jacket review(3 posts)

Oakley Racing Jacket reviewgirodebirdman
Aug 18, 2001 3:49 PM
Hi. Anyone have a review of the Oakley racing jacket? What lens colors are the best for all-round use? I am primarily interested in the VR-28 vs. persimmon, which is better for cloudy days, ect. Are these lenses interchangeable as well? Anyone know of a cheap source? Thanks!
re: Oakley Racing Jacket reviewCar Magnet
Aug 19, 2001 4:29 AM
Racing Jacket lenses come standard in 3 colors red, black and gold iridium. The colors you listed are available from Oakley's custom shop,
but you're gonna pay through the nose. The lenses can be changed but you'll have to buy extra sets from Oakley. The Racing Jackets are good for people who want wraparound protection with a built-in prescription lense (not inserts). If you really want interchangeable lenses, I would recommend either the M-Frames or Bolle Vigilante/Parole available from BikeNashbar (I know they're not the greatest). The Bolle are probably the best deal going with 3-4-5 (I can't remember) different colored lenses included with the frame.
re: Oakley Racing Jacket reviewLone Gunman
Aug 19, 2001 9:11 AM
I wear the Paroles, depending upon which deal you buy they come with brown, clear, gray mirrored, and red lenses and spares can be bought for $20 to $25., good sunglass deals. $89 for my pair, $109 @ Performance. Not M frames, moldable to ears, rubber ear socks, and I use helmet straps to really secure them in place because I don't have them wrapped around my ears. And I have a narrow face and they fit well.