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Best stem; Money no object(9 posts)

Best stem; Money no objectLidlaw
Aug 18, 2001 1:53 PM
I need help with a stem. What is the best overall stem; money not a consideration. By best, I mean overall in terms of stiffness, weight, feel, etc.
Deda Newton 31.7DeGeared
Aug 18, 2001 2:41 PM
130mm stem, 125 grams
Deda 44cm bar, 217 grams

super stiff!!!!!!
Creative weighing procedure-Deda Newtongirodebirdman
Aug 18, 2001 3:04 PM
Although Deda claims that the Newton comes in at 125 grams, this is not the case: mine in 110mm was 162 grams, that doesn't include the shim for 1 inch, which ads 12.4 grams (I have a digital scale here at school). A big difference than their claimed weight. In fact, when I replaced my old ITM Millenium/Pro 260 combo with the Newton 110 stem/42cm bars, they were the same weight! Claimed, the Newton bar/stem combo should have been 56 grams lighter. Check out for a list of real vs. claimed weights for parts. Anyways, my vote would probably be for the Ritchey WCS: stiff, light, and no cheesy ti bolts to strip your threads, unlike the Newton!
Creative weighing procedure-Deda NewtonVelociraptor
Aug 18, 2001 8:42 PM
My buddy had the exact same experience with the Deda Newton. I watched him weigh it in a bike shop and it was almost 30 grams over advertised weight and like you that was without the cheeseball 1" shim. I don't know what kind of scale Deda is using to weigh their products, but it must be in a gravity chamber or something because their advertised weight isn't even close to real out of the box weight.
Gotta go with Grzy on this one12x23
Aug 18, 2001 3:35 PM
The Ritchey WCS. I bought a 130mm -6 degree and the weight was 142 grams, so I put them on my other bikes. Being this skinny, I did invest in a torque wrench before installing them. Look pretty good, too.
why?ET at home
Aug 19, 2001 5:50 AM
When someone posts that they want the very best, money no object, be it a frame or a stem, I can't help but wonder what they're after. What if the stem's a hundredth of a gram lighter than another but a hundred dollars more? I'd feel like a chump paying for that. And there's often an inverse relationship between weight and durability: if your stem is a bit lighter than others and perhaps gains you a few seconds in an all-out time trial but is more likely to break in the middle of a 50-mph descent, do you still want it? If instead of lasting five years it will last one, do you still want it? Of course, if money is no object, perhaps you can buy another money-no-object stem at that time. It's nice to buy good stuff, and I can understand buying something you know is very good to make you feel good, but don't you think that money should be some object to put the worth of the item in perspective? In addition, I'd feel pretty stupid getting dropped by half the peloton while riding around with my $1000 stem.
Aug 19, 2001 6:38 AM
SUL Pro, a great steel stem! No fear of component failure here. Save your money, Salsa is all you need.
re: Best stem; Money no objectmackgoo
Aug 19, 2001 4:09 PM
I've been thinking of going threadless this winter so I've been thinking about stems. I saw a Deda ad where they had their stem next to the con. rod for a Ducati 996, I thought wow that's my stem. Any one who feels that is a good thing to be compared to gets my vote. But then I started thinking about the old Gramo. When they first came out I didn't think they looked all that great, but now understanding what goes into fabricating one of those things they are truly a work of art, Fine bikes are a work of art. Some times I think we've allowed hi tech to lead us astray, although I am a crank away from a Record 10 sp. Hey that is really getting me back on the path.
Any way the Gramo has my vote, just picked one up off of E bay for 75$, I also picked up a quil one for 75$ to get me thru to the threadless in the winter.
ITM "the stem"Duane Gran
Aug 19, 2001 5:33 PM
ITM's ill-named "the stem" is quite amazing, weighing in at 95 grams. It is made of magnesium. Someone who has used it tells me that it is stiffer than the ITM Millennium (which I use and like very much). The problem is that the magnesium material is highly corrosive, so if you scratch the stem's protective coating it could corrode and become weak.