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Do you know about taking bike on a plane ?(6 posts)

Do you know about taking bike on a plane ?PeterRider
Aug 18, 2001 10:39 AM
I'm going back to France next month, and if that doesn't cost an awful lot of money, I'd like to bring back my mtb...

Did anybody take his bike on a plane ? Of course I would disassemble as much as possible, but it would still be rather big I think.

- how much would I expect to pay as extra cost at the airport ? Usually, for regular luggage for international flight they are less annoying about questions like weight than for US domestic flights...
- what package should I use ? I don't want to spend 300$ buying one of those very nice special cases. My bike is nice but it's not worth $$$$$$$$, I would just appreciate not to have to buy a new one in the States.

Thanks for any info.
It's easier than taking a plane on a bike! nmfiltersweep
Aug 18, 2001 11:36 AM
re: Do you know about taking bike on a plane ?SteveS
Aug 18, 2001 12:42 PM
I am taking my Mercian to the UK in a couple of weeks for a cycle tour and will be using an Amtrak box, which is huge. On my touring bike, all I should have to do is remove the pedals and turn the handlebars sideways. There is also a company called Crate Works (or something like that) if you want to look at something less than a hardcase box and something more than the Amtrak box.

When I made my reservations, the bike was free as part of my checked luggage allowance. However, I just heard unofficially yesterday that there is now a fee of $75 each way. I have not checked out the latter, you should check with you airline about costs, bicycles, and boxes. Good luck.
Here's what I've found ...bianchi boy
Aug 18, 2001 7:27 PM
I was gonna take my bike to San Diego with me last spring, but the airline wanted $150 extra to take the bike. I left it home and borrowed a bike in California. Since then, I have found out that the League of American Bicyclists has arrangements worked out with a number of airlines in which members can bring their bikes for free. To get the free shipping, however, you have to buy your airline tickets through LAB. Check their website for details. (Sorry, I don't know the address, but it's in the Directory section of RBR.) An annual membership to LAB is about $30, I think.

As far as shipping containers, check with your local bike club. My club has several bike boxes that it rents to members for $1/day. Or, you could always get a used box from a local bike shop.
re: Do you know about taking bike on a plane ?ken vining
Aug 18, 2001 8:01 PM
Two years ago, while on a business trip in Germany, I purchased a mountain bike which I brought back to the states with me. The cost was $30 for "oversize" luggage. The bike was checked with the rest of my luggage and for a shipping container, I just used the box the bike originally came in. I suggest you go to a bike shop and pick up an empty cardboard bike box and ship it that way. Check the airline you are flying to see what their charge is for oversize luggage. My experience was really fun. I had to carry the bike many blocks in a city, on a bus, then on a train, and finally into the airport. Great way to start conversations.
There may be hope/Packing tipsJS5280
Aug 20, 2001 9:18 AM
I've heard that traveling internationally, you can bring a bike and not be charged. Not sure if it's true for all carriers or not, give them a call and see. I have been charged $75 each way by United going Denver to Austin before. Would of much rather given my $150 to the LAF.ORG :-(

You can do the voucher thing as mentioned above but often you have to do it in advance of buying your ticket and/or through their ticketing agent. Getting a bike box from the LBS is your best best. I recommend buying pipe insullation to protect your frame and make sure you have something between the dropouts (i.e. old set of hubs, or ask the LBS if they have the plastic things that usually come with the shipping boxes) so that your frame doesn't get crushed. Unfortuately that $75 doesn't provide any further protection for or from damages (double grrrrr). You can also unbolt the bar from the stem and not have to remove any of the cables, it will wrap around pretty nicely.