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Canadians ordering from overseas?(4 posts)

Canadians ordering from overseas?Velocipedio
Aug 18, 2001 5:20 AM
I'm always interested in some of the prices at places like For one thing, the exchange on the Canadian dollar doesn't hurt...

But what is the duty situation like when ordering from Canada? I suppose there's no way to get around GST/PST, but do you get killed on the duty?
re: Canadians ordering from overseas?ronsod
Aug 18, 2001 4:09 PM
Hello again, As you may have noticed in my response to the Lone Gunman I just ordered a Brooks saddle from Wallingford. It will be sent via the mail system so we will see how that works.We will see how much duty is collected and how much time it takes to get something from New Orleans to Alberta.I noticed in one of your posts that your lbs has great service. Wondering what city/province you are from.
Been there, done it!Marlon
Aug 18, 2001 9:14 PM

Good to see some fellow Canadians - I'm actually in Ottawa, heading back to Vancouver in about a week's time, and I've ordered from ProBikeKit before, and I've also ordered from the States.

From the USA: if you order from the States, expect to pay only GST/PST plus shipping charges. The legacy of NAFTA has left us with free-trade and duty-exempt goods! Small loophole here though - the goods have to be *manufactured*, not imported, in the States or Mexico to avoid duty. Fortunately, most Revenue Canada customs officers know nothing about bike parts and clothes, and assume that if it came from the States, it was probably made there. The one bad thing: expect to pay duty on complete bikes, I think around 15%. No exceptions here, sorry.

If you get charged duties for parts and clothes from the States, ARGUE it. Pay the duty, but get that money back!

From the UK: expect to pay GST/PST, shipping, AND duty, usually between 10-20% on all goods, parts, clothes, and complete bikes. When I calculate prices, I usually overestimate after currency conversions to be on the safe side.

All of the information is available from Revenue Canada's website (I forget where it is, but browsing might get you there) but it's super frustrating, time-consuming, and tricky.

Note that warranty work done outside of Canada is taxable/duty-imposable as well.

Good luck!
re: Canadians ordering from overseas?Velocipedio
Aug 19, 2001 4:57 AM
I actually frequent two LBSes -- both of which have great service. I have made both of them very rich this summer. :-)

The thing is that there are some things that even a great LBS can't get, and sometimes, those oversseas deals look mighty inviting... until you factor-in duty.

I'm in Montreal, BTW.