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Help... Merlin Agilis sizing question(6 posts)

Help... Merlin Agilis sizing questionSamDC
Aug 17, 2001 1:24 PM
I just test rode a Merlin Agilis at my LBS. Wow! What a light, stiff, but forgiving ride over my AL mountain bike. Anyway, they only have the medium/large available. I'm 5'10'' (I'm sure some people already know that) and am wondering if the medium would be better. The M/L felt pretty comfortable, but it was only a 10 min test ride so I couldn't adequately gauge the "feel" of the bike. So, I was just wondering if anybody out there could provide any information. Thanks!
Medium will weigh lesswink
Aug 17, 2001 1:30 PM
I think the general would be go to the smaller size, weight, comfort, performance.
Medium will weigh lessSamDC
Aug 17, 2001 1:44 PM
Hi wink,
Thanks for the response. I'm not too worried about the weight. The M/L is 0.2 lbs more than the M. However, if the medium turns out to be small, could I get a longer stem to account for the shorter top tube? I would think that would change the weight distribution of the bike and make other things kinda funky. Anyway, what do I know. Just wanted to get as much info before I drop close to 2k. Thanks again!
medium may be too small...C-40
Aug 18, 2001 12:23 PM
Excel Sports lists the geometry in their catalog. Fitting this frame is no different than any other. The virtual top tube length, standover height and head tube length are the key factors to consider. The medium has a 55.5cm top tube, 73.5 STA, and 79.7 standover (presumably measured at midpoint of the top tube). The M/L has a 56.5cm top tube, but a 73 STA, which effectively reduces the top tube length difference to only about.5cm. The standover is 81.4cm. The M/L size appears to be significantly taller, but very little longer than the medium.

The head tube length is not listed, but I consider it to be very important. I hate head tube spacers and high rise stems. Getting enough head tube length helps to eliminate the need for either.

Compare these dimensions to your current ride, and try to correct any fit problems that may exist, when you buy the new frame.
medium may be too small...Thanks C-40 & wink
Aug 18, 2001 3:18 PM
Thanks for the info. I downloaded their catalog and the geometry sizing seems to point to a medium for me. I noticed the "virtual" top tube length was just right for me (I think I would be a 56 and the M Agilis is a 55.5... at the worst I'll get a slight longer sten). I think that's the only thing I don't like about the compact sizing is getting all the measurements right. That downward sloping tube seems to make things a bit more difficult, but it works for me it's because of my shorter inseam. Anyway thanks again!

C-40, out of curiosity why you don't you like spacers. I guess I'm just used to them.
Aug 19, 2001 6:13 AM
It's mainly a matter of aesthetics I guess. Too many look dorky.

On my bike I have a very thin 3mm spacer under the stem, and a 2mm under the top cap, to permit the carbon steerer to extend slightly above the top of the stem. With an 80 degree stem it looks very clean, and it's also a very rigid setup.