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Road Rage Venting(7 posts)

Road Rage Ventingfiltersweep
Aug 17, 2001 12:27 PM
... like there hasn't already been enough of this on this board, but I have to get this off my chest. Yesterday was simply a bad day, and I don't know if I'm being oversensitive- about an hour before I left work I received a call that one of my co-workers was killed in a car accident (which was especially freaky since I had just returned a message she had left me)... anyway she was in a car- entirely different story there.

So after work I'm about 30 miles into my ride on a non-residential, non-commercial road "down by the river" (the Mississippi if you are into details). The road is clearly marked with those "share the road" signs with the pictograms of a car and a bike. There is also an actual paved bike trail closer to the river for the more recreational minded, but I was on the road, which I should mention also has speed bumps (or rather "humps" that are barely there if I hug the curb - there are literally miles between stopsigns/signals, and there are no actual cross streets because it is by the river).

Anyway, I'm hugging the curb, had noticed there was a reddish minivan behind me, the road is VERY wide with no traffic (wide to accommodate parking, but there were no parked cars anywhere). The next thing I know is the van's horn is blasting as he blows by me at high speed, literally inches away from me- as in he swerved to drive as close as possible to me. It was the only vehicle in sight ("he" could have cleared me by 20 feet if he wanted to). I was so dumbfounded and full of adrenaline that I didn't even think to get his plates until he was too far away (which was an instant at his speed). As I continued I realized that people were parking down by the river for the Vikings game, and with every red minivan I saw, I envisioned the damage the cleats might do the the body work. I don't mind the idiots that yell out the window, but can anybody explain to me what possesses these people? An accident is an accident, but playing chicken with a bicycle brings out my homicidal instincts! Granted I wasn't injured, but it is the principle of the issue that bothers me, and the deliberate nature of the actions. God only knows that if I were found jumping up and down on the hood of a scratched up new minivan with broken windows and flat tires, I'd be considered the crazy one!
re: Road Rage VentingLone Gunman
Aug 17, 2001 12:51 PM
If it's of any consolation or a WHOGAS for that matter, while living in a large ME country, they (drivers) used to do the same type thing only with cars @ 120kph. In Egypt they actually make contact.
re: Road Rage VentingAristotle
Aug 17, 2001 1:17 PM
These scumbag drivers fall into my 85% category.

Take any random sampling of the population, and 85% of the subjects are A....holes. That's how speed limits are set for cars. The NTSA uses the 85 percentile rule as a base. They post a limit based (loosely) on a survey of what speeds 85% of the cars are travelling at.
re: Road Rage VentingDINOSAUR
Aug 17, 2001 4:41 PM
I'm sorry for the lose of your friend. I've had several killed in traffic accidents over the years.

Road rage....I had a case of it today and what I did surprised me. It was hot and I got out late for a ride. It was about 90 degrees and I was 35 minutes into my ride. I had started to sweat profusely early into the ride. I came to the top of a hill and I came to a stop at a 2-way stop sign, usually I just come to a near stop and roll through it. Traffic was heavy, it's a downhill slope for traffic approaching me with a posted 45MPH speed limit, meaning the traffic is doing 50-60MPH. I was also near an onramp to the freeway so people are geared to enter at freeway speed. I came to a complete stop and unclipped. While waiting for traffic to clear I took a gulp of water from my water bottle. Traffic had cleared by this time and I inserted my left foot into the pedal and was in the process of pushing off and I heard the sound of a car behind me and 3 seconds later a honk. I turned around and it was an old guy (70's) and he motioned for me to get going. Well excuse me I thought, what's the big hurry? To my amazement I uttered a bunch of four lettered words at the old guy then I pulled to the right, got off my bike and waved him on saying "After you sir!!". He made a right turn and his windows were rolled down. I felt like pulling him out of the car and beating the tar out of him.
He had a surprised expression on his face, but he said nothing. I then took off and wondered why the heck I did that. I didn't know I had it in me. I should know better. I guess I was venting at him because of all the other idiots on the road I deal with on a daily basis. Oh well, such is the life for a roadie. I'll have to program myself to keep my mouth shut, lucky he didn't come back and run my big ass over...
re: Road Rage Venting... a losing battleTig
Aug 17, 2001 5:05 PM
Any driver who is an a-hole enough to do that in the first place will be the type you don't want to confront while they have a 3500 pound vehicle in their control. This type will run you over before they realize the true impact on both you and their freedom. It just isn't worth it.

Our favorite way of cutting down to size a bad driver is to give them a big smiling, friendly wave (while calling them all the names ya want!). It makes them feel like a boil on the bottom of mankind, which they hate being reminded of. They are too embarrassed to come back at you and you stay out of jail for not giving them the finger and chasing them down and confronting them. Remember, it doesn't matter that you are on a bike when it comes to road rage or a fight. If you can get in trouble doing something in a car (road rage, etc.), then the same trouble applies when on a bike. Cops don't care. Once you make yourself into a bad guy, that's all they see.

I know of a young guy who flipped the bird at 2 guys in a pickup when they did the pass close and honk attack. They turned around and came across the lane right at him to make him go into the ditch. He threw a water bottle into them and cracked the windshield. They chased him down and ran him off the road. They beat the hell out of him and ran over his once nice bike. They ALL went to jail. The rider lost his bike and was in a lot of pain. He lost due to his temper. A lesson I'll remember.

Having been hit on a bike (by accident) by a car, well, I don't want to go through that ever again.
(completely missing the point)filtersweep
Aug 17, 2001 5:44 PM
a water bottle will really crack a windshield? ;)

It almost seems like a lose lose situation- if I'm in the city, there is a load of traffic in a manic rush, and out in the sticks it seems like a bunch of ignorant rednecks and a remote enough atmosphere for drivers to get away with this sort of madness (the roads less traveled).
forget the van, jump up & down on the driverclub
Aug 18, 2001 4:46 AM
somebody points a gun at you, you don't take it out on the gun, do you?