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Man Bites Dog???(3 posts)

Man Bites Dog???Whatever
Aug 17, 2001 10:39 AM
I followed with interest the posts on dog vs. cyclist yesterday, and while noodling on the subject this morning on my ride started thinking that behind most bad dogs are bad owners...those who don't properly train their dogs, those who let them run free, those who despite seeing Fido launch after cyclists time and time again do nothing to prevent the attack. And let's be clear about what is happening...when a dog is chasing you, you are under attack. The posts yesterday discussed appropriate measures to ensure our safety during the dog-cyclist encounter, but maybe we don't take things far enough afterwards (or as a preventative measure.)

So sort of a suggestion/question here...has anyone tried to organize an informal petition drive against a particularly obnoxious dog and the beast's owner? I think that flyers with the offending dog's picture (or a shot of a similar dog) and the owner's address, and a place (maybe a hotmail account) where bikers can submit stories of their own encounters could collect enough anectodal evidence to present to the local police who could then pay the offending owner a visit to discuss leash laws. We could also try posting "Invisible Fence" flyers right under the "Have You Been Chased By This Dog?" flyer...maybe the owner will get the hint if they even notice the flyer nailed to the phone pole.

Why not just call the cops?Mike K
Aug 17, 2001 10:52 AM
If you do not want to talk to the owner yourself.....
Our local cops will follow up on a complaint regarding dangerous dogs with a visit to the owner and a warning.
IMHO, this seems to be a much more civil way of dealing with the situation than carrying firearms while riding as some more balls than brain types suggested yesterday.
The owner will usually get a warning the first time, a fine the second and probably be in jeopardy of having the dog taken away from him/her if things continue. This way the owner (responsible party) gets punished and hopefully makes corrections or the dog is taken away and hopefully has a chance of being adopted rather than run over by a car or destroyed outright.

Just a thought....
I agree..coonass
Aug 17, 2001 2:40 PM
Call the police and report that the dog is running loose; then tell the police to inform the irresponsible owner that if the dog does attack you and afflicts any damages to yourself, there will be a lawsuit for whatever is allowable. (Definitely go to the Emergency Room) Then tell the police that you would like a copy of the report.