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Klein Quantum v. C-Dale R1000, just a few words please!!!!!(6 posts)

Klein Quantum v. C-Dale R1000, just a few words please!!!!!newtotheroad
Aug 17, 2001 5:40 AM
I am 5"11, 165 and can take an alumium beating. I am currently considering the purchase of a new Klein Quantum (105/Ultegra with Rolfs) for $1375 or a Cannondale R1000 with almost full ultegra and mavic wheels for about $1700, maybe less. Anyone have a bit of feedback about either bike or if you've owned both, which you prefer, etc. Thanks a million!
re: Klein Quantum v. C-Dale R1000, just a few words please!!!!!Mel Erickson
Aug 17, 2001 6:22 AM
In my opinion you're getting better equipment and better wheels with the Cannondale and, some would argue, a better frame with the Klein. Conventional wisdom says to consider frame first and components second when making a purchase. In this case I don't think there's that significant a difference in frames, give the edge to Quantum. I feel there's more of a significant difference in wheels, give more of an edge to R1000. Components, give a slight edge (you say almost full ultegra, can you be more specific?) to R1000. Now price, definite edge to Quantum. Have you ridden both? Do they both fit well? Which one appeals to you more from an aesthetic standpoint ("speaks" to you)? Are both 2001 models? Can you wait a little longer as one or both may come down more in price when the 2002 model year begins? I like 'em both and would base my decision more on fit, ride, style and price in that order.
Excellent Advicewink
Aug 17, 2001 7:29 AM
I am developing my own decision process for my new road bike. This makes a lot of sense. In my case I have drawn the line at $1,700 and trying to buy the most/best for that money. I keep coming back to Giant TCR-1, however I am now exploring this site that allows a customer to build their own bike, keeps a running total of weight and price.
as does Airborn. nmBreezydz
Aug 17, 2001 9:54 AM
Sorry, this is more than just a few words!!!!!manicmtbr
Aug 17, 2001 10:23 AM
I used to ride a 1998 era Cannondale CAAD3 frame with a Slice fork(1 generation older than the CAAD4 platform used for the R1000). I now ride a Klein Quantum Race. In terms of comfort, the Cannondale won heads down (contrary to what EVERYONE wants me to think!). In terms of sprining ability, the Klein is slightly better. Other factors come into play like the paint on a Klein is generally much better and the workmanship on a Klein is better than that of a Cannondale, things like welds, internal cable routing on the Klein, gradient tubing, etc(and I own another C-Dale road bike {3.0 frame}and a Caad4 MTB, so I am not making that statement out of dislike for all things Cannondale). It is not an easy choice, but I would say if you are using it to race crits, go with the Klein. If you are racing longer races or want more comfort, go with the Cannondale. I wish I had the experience of riding a CAAD4 frame and could relay that to you, but I do not. I SUSPECT that the newer C-Dale frame has improved in sprint ability and rivals that of Klein. Why did I go from the Cannondale to the Klein? The C-dale was too big for me and I had a gracious friend with a Klein that was too small for him and he swapped frames with me. I agree with the others about components being replaceable, but other than cogs, chains, chainrings, brake pads, and cables, nothing really wears out on a road bike for a LONG time (and even the things I mentioned can take some time to wear out). That being said, the modern 105 is not a bad group. In the old days, a Klein frame was as much as the entire bike you are looking at, so that seems to be a good deal for the bike. You should also avoid C-Dale (Coda)components. They are generally not as good as Shimano - - I bet the R1000 has Coda brakes, cranks, and hubs.

Good Luck with your choice and let us know your final decision.
i just bought itnewtotheroad
Aug 17, 2001 10:51 AM
I went with the Quantum. The dealer sold it to me for $1375, which I think was a good deal. The shop (located in Washington, DC) upgraded the r. der and the crank to ultegra, the rest is full 105 (no house components besides the stem/post, etc) Although I will use it on centuries and long training rides, i dont mind the blows of Aluminum. The klein felt right and actually not too jarring (the roads in dc i tested it on are atrocious). the power transfer and climbing abilities are stellar.

the worksmanship and paint are top notch as well.

thanks to everyone for their advice. you guys really helped me make an informed decision!

thanks for everyone's advice.