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Bike fit-stem length(3 posts)

Bike fit-stem lengthgirodebirdman
Aug 17, 2001 1:13 AM
I am currently riding a 56cm c-t frame with a 54.8 top tube, yet can't get beyond a 100mm stem without losing my ability to hit the grips of the drops. My post is 155 mm out of the seat tube, which is quite alot, so you would think that I would be riding at least a 110 stem on this frame, considering it already has a short top tube. I have stubby and short arms, plus I like a low postion (stem has only a couple of mm of spacers under it, difference between stem and saddle height is 13cm on my bike. Is this frame too big? If I go with a smaller frame and a top tube (54cm) that allows me to ride a 110 stem, then my seatpost will be out 180mm or so on that size frame. This is almost as much as a compact frame, which seems odd. Should I go with a frame that fits me leg-length wise and leaves me short on the top tube (I am stuck riding a Colnago-like bike with a short tt, and still have a 100mm stem) or should I get a shorter top tube which leaves the seatpost sticking WAY out, and just doesn't look right? Does one affect more than the other? Or, should I just forget it, and get a custom frame built with as a 56 c-t seat tube, and a 53.5 top tube? Any ideas on how I can improve my fit, or what I should do next?
Fit KitMB1
Aug 17, 2001 4:34 AM
Get a pro fitting from a good bike shop. Without seeing you on your bike it is hard to make stem length and riding position recommendations. It might be as simple as getting a different handlebar or as you could require a custom frame. Getting a pro fit is a good way to start.
Correct fit = TT + Stem length + Comfortjagiger
Aug 17, 2001 4:44 AM
I just had a fitting done cause I didn't feel I could reach the brake hoods comfortably. After testing serveral positions, we came up with 95mm stem with a slight rise, from a 110mm wt/zero rise. Also, the Thompson stem has 4 bolts for hb connection so I never have creeking on the climbs. It feels much better & it cost only $20.