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I'm the Deviiil: Nucleon-ksyrium mix?(5 posts)

I'm the Deviiil: Nucleon-ksyrium mix?I'llridethrushit
Aug 16, 2001 7:43 PM
I can pick up new Nucleons for $470 and Ksyriums for $490.
I'm thinking to go with the Nucleon front, as it is 85 grams lighter and less susceptible to crosswinds, and the K rear, as it is only 20-30 grams heavier and quite aerodynamic.

As always, any thoughts are appreciated.
re: I'm the Deviiil: Nucleon-ksyrium mix?SamDC
Aug 16, 2001 10:51 PM
Go for it! Make sure you tell us how the ride is. In fact, you should do a parametric study and give us a succint but detailed synopsis of the ride qualities of the different combination of the wheels. Here is the breakdown:


BTW, would you care to share where you're going to purchase the wheels?
kysriums aero?str8dum
Aug 17, 2001 7:19 AM
where did you get your info. they arent aero in terms of true aero wheels (like zipp or hed). sure they have a 30mm section, but they are far from aero. just curious to who is spreading this nonsense.

the top of the rim is box sectioned. true aero rims come to a point

and if you are worried about xwinds with a shallow ksyrium rim, you really need to work on your bike handling skills and not even worry about gettin new wheels.
Ksyriums in crosswindsmr_spin
Aug 17, 2001 8:28 AM
If you ride a lot in gale force crosswinds, you'll probably have problems with the Ksyriums.

I had normal spoked wheels and switched to Ksyriums, but I've haven't noticed any difference in light or strong crosswinds. I don't think the surface area of the bladed spokes is large enough to have any measurable effect.

Someone has been spreading this myth for whatever reason. The truth is quite different.
re: I'm the Deviiil: Nucleon-ksyrium mix?Mike K
Aug 17, 2001 9:49 AM
Why? Like most of the other posters have said, the cross wind issue is bunk unless you have no idea how to ride a bike.
I (5' 10", 170lbs or so) have Spinergy Rev-X on one my bikes and Ksyriums on another. The Spinergy can get a little wiggly with SERIOUS cross winds but no problem with regular gusty or 18 wheeler passing at speed conditions. The Ksyrium is absolutely not a problem - no worse than my set of beater CXP33 laced to DA's and non-bladed spokes.
Also, the Campy rim will require a rim strip and the Ksyrium will not (back that off the weight difference) - the head ache of mixing these two just does not seem to make any sense in the end.