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AAAAHHHHH!!!!!! Help me please.(15 posts)

AAAAHHHHH!!!!!! Help me please.mackgoo
Aug 16, 2001 4:23 PM
I recently picked up a used Bianchi Ti Mega tube. Any way in a round about way regarding another bike some one mentioned this bike was built by Litespeed. Knowing how Litespeeders really deep down believe every bike is built by, and every one rides a Litespeed, I was a little sceptical. Well I was talking to Bianchi the other day and I'll be damned it is built by Litespeed! It's still a Beautifull bike and the only correct color is Celeste, but more and more I find when I log on here I want to post "Lance Armstrong rode a Litespeed in the TDF" What's next? What's next I know what's next lately I've been dreaming about Dura Ace components! Never may that happen! Well at least I know that won't. The bike came with Dura Ace, but I'm a crank away from going back to the light.
But please help me what do I do about this urge to post? How can I beat this? I don't want to give up the bike.
re: AAAAHHHHH!!!!!! Help me please.Lone Gunman
Aug 16, 2001 5:46 PM
What are you crabbing about?, explain? You have a Ti bike with top of the line components. What is there to crab about?
What is this post about?Thioderek
Aug 16, 2001 5:57 PM
I am at a loss to decipher this one.

Can someone help me?
You might have to ingest peyote to understand it...DoothaBartman
Aug 16, 2001 6:08 PM
No, peyote didn't help! nmMB1
Aug 17, 2001 5:12 AM
What is this post about?powerglide
Aug 16, 2001 8:49 PM
just another campyholic bike snob blowing gas....
I'd be glad to help but...DINOSAUR
Aug 16, 2001 6:08 PM
My little pea picking brain can't comprehend your question. Try again. Does it have something to do about a used Bianchi Ti bike?
re: AAAAHHHHH!!!!!! Help me please.mackgoo
Aug 16, 2001 6:10 PM
If you don't understand then I guess you can't help. But that's OK thanks for trying.
I think I understandHank
Aug 16, 2001 6:26 PM
you're saying that, without ever intending to, you've turned into a Litespeed dunderhead? Worse than that, you are obssessed with thoughts of Lance and have even begun to think of Shimano as a possible alternative. Well, there is no cure. Sorry.

Okay. There is a cure. If it's a 56 or 57, give it to me. Then you won't be tempted to think bad thoughts or make any more rambling posts. You can go back to Italianphile la la land.
LOL!! (nm)grzy mnky
Aug 17, 2001 2:52 PM
re: AAAAHHHHH!!!!!! Help me litespeed
Aug 16, 2001 6:11 PM
you say "Lance Armstrong rode a Litespeed in the TDF" he did ride a time trial bike that was a litespeed blade in 1999 for 2000 trek built a carbon TT bike other then that he actually did ride a "stock" trek.
re: AAAAHHHHH!!!!!! Help me please.TiDie
Aug 17, 2001 5:06 AM
Whats the difference. Lance could have won the Tour even if he was riding a Huffy. It's not about the bike afterall, right?
um, what? nmHaiku d'état
Aug 17, 2001 5:20 AM
re: AAAAHHHHH!!!!!! Help me please.mobil1
Aug 17, 2001 7:28 AM
How bout a little cheese with that WHINE?
re: AAAAHHHHH!!!!!! Help me please.stinkinuts
Aug 17, 2001 2:36 PM
sounds like you have diarrhea!!!!!!