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Any advice for frame paint ?(3 posts)

Any advice for frame paint ?PeterRider
Aug 16, 2001 4:19 PM

Is the paint that Trek uses on bikes real crap ? I got several chips on my frame recently, and I really didn't crash the bike, didn't put it against a concrete wall, nothing... the only thing I can think of is I put it often in a big truck (nothing metallic inside, only plastic), and I'm careful when I do so.

The bike is a bit old, 97, so maybe the paint is too old ?? I've noticed that on the places where the cable housing rubs against the frame, the paint is going too !!! It's a trek 5200, everything else is perfect, but I'm really disappointed with the paint quality.

So here comes the question : what's the range of cost to expect to have a frame repainted (transport + trek bill) ? Also, what kind of paint can I use if I correct myself the little chips ? I don't plan to have a perfect frame, but at least some result that stops pissing me off ! The color is metallic, rather dark green.

Thanks !
check out (???)JohnG
Aug 16, 2001 6:48 PM
Not exactly sure of the name but just search for Spectrum Powder Coat and I'm sure you will find them.

They're in Co. and their paint work is very good and not insanely expensive like some custom shops.

good luck.
Powdercoat + Carbon = trouble?Mike Prince
Aug 17, 2001 12:55 AM
I've been told by my framebuilder that carbon fiber should not be powdercoated as the baking process can damage the carbon. This was for a carbon fork that I wanted painted to match my new frame. In the end was not an issue as I went with a steel fork.

Anyway, some good painters I have heard about are CyclArt, Airglow Painting and Pfieffer Frames. I have seen re-paint prices from $150 to almost $1000. Shipping a frame is usually not too bad, less than $40 unless you use expedited services. Expect to pay close to $125 if you send the complete bike as they will need to disassemble before painting. If you get the frame bare down to the headset and BB you shouldn't have to pay the assembly charge. The painting cost depends if you just want a basic repaint or something more elaborate.

Some of these folks may not want to paint carbon, but you will find out when you check. The easiest way to repair the chips yourself is to use model paint or nail polish with a good brush and multiple coats. Automotive touch up paint works well when thinned a bit and metallic colors are common.

Hope this helps.