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bend rear triangle(5 posts)

bend rear trianglechumbly
Aug 16, 2001 6:30 AM
Hi, I've got 120mm spacing in my 20 year old frame. I want to make a single speed cross/commuter w/ it. I could go w/ a 120mm flip flop suzie hub or a 135mm surly 1x1 hub. If I go w/ the 135mm i may end up putting it on a crosscheck down the road. Therefore I'd like to bend the frame out 15mm. Is this ok to do? Can I just pull the dropouts apart untill they bend out to the 135mm spacing?

Since your frame is steel...Cima Coppi
Aug 16, 2001 7:00 AM
The stays can be moved outward 7.5mm on each side, but it is recommended this be done by a shop/builder with a frame alignment table. This ensures the stays are adjusted equally to maintain proper centering of the read wheel. I would not recommend doing this yourself.

bit muchHank
Aug 16, 2001 7:44 AM
the Crosscheck is designed to work with 130 spaced hubs, too (the rear spacing on that frame is 132.5). Going from 120 to 135 on an old frame seems a bit much. I'd just go with the 120 spaced hub and save up a bit more money for something like the Gunnar Street Dog (cool frame -- 120 rear spacing). Or if you do buy the Surley you could always buy a new axel and space out the 120 hub.
just use the 120mm hubclub
Aug 16, 2001 10:00 AM
if you spread the stays that much, you'll have to dick around with the BB to get a straight chain line. Just get an old 120mm threaded rear freewheel hub and use that, it's the same threading as a track hub, you can use a track cog or a 1-sp. freewheel on it just fine. Bet your LBS will give you one outa the junk parts bin. Just say NO to boutique singlespeed hubs, they are a scam. You can use a q/r, you don't need a nutted axle to hold the wheel tight, just use a quality STEEL q/r skewer, not a weightweenie one with aluminum faces. Use LocTite 242 if you use the track cog, it will stay on, I guarantee it, without a lock ring. I got 4 fixers set up using the above advise and have no problems with pulling wheels or spinning track cogs. 120 to 135 is too much to spread the stays.
simple and cheap!chumbly
Aug 17, 2001 5:50 AM
but I think loctite 271 is the one we want, no?

Thanks for the hub idea. I had forgotton about the old screw ons.