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Colnago CT1 alternative?(4 posts)

Colnago CT1 alternative?EC
Aug 15, 2001 11:35 PM
Can anyone recommend an alternative to Colnago CT1 (50cm seat tube)? I'm shopping for a frame, and am going to Italy to find one (can't find one in N. America). Any recommendations to alternatives if I strike out there too?
re: Colnago CT1 alternative?zelig1
Aug 16, 2001 1:18 AM
The CT1 is a bit of an anomaly in the market as they're very few frames with Ti main tubes and carbon stays. However, there are many manufacturers making Al with carbon stays in Italy.

Pinarello, Casati, DeRosa, Viner, Carrera (Podium), Mondonico, Coppi, etc. You indicated in your other post that you're going to Roma in a couple of weeks so you might want to try Romeo bikes which has been recommended by other posters. Try to call in advance as many stores in Europe are not going to have your size in stock. Most frame manufacturers are in Northern Italy although there are still some builders in the Middle where Rome is located. You might try to find a copy of Bici magazine which will have some of these companies who advertise.

A few tips if you do buy in Italy.

Make sure you get a VAT receipt as you will be entitled to a refund. VAT in Italy is 20% of the purchase price so it's a large amount. Apply for the VAT refund at your departure airport in Italy as it will be paid to you in Lira and you can then exchange it at the airport. If you wait until you get to the States you'll have to do it by mail and the refund check will come in Lira meaning additional delay as well as foreign exchange charges from your bank. Ignore this if the shop is willing to sell you the bike net of VAT. It's their call and it's their liability with the tax man.

Also, go to the US Customs website and note the personal exemption on goods purchased abroad for which you will not pay import duty. I think it's $400 per individual. After that they charge you a flat 10% up to $1,000? and then they go to the tables.

Import duty on a frame/fork is 3.9% of the purchase price (including the VAT). For a complete bike, it's 5%.

You might want to negotiate the flat rate (10%) portion as the import duty for bikes or frames is lower by going to the tables. If you don't want to declare the purchases, you take your chances.

Good luck and enjoy Roma. My only tip is to get to the Vatican museum (the Sistine Chapel is part of the museum and was restored in late 1999 for Y2K) early in the day to avoid a long line.

If you're going to Venice, the Pinarello factory is located in Treviso, a short train ride. They also have a factory store where you can buy as well as get measured for a custom. The Opera (steel) and Prince (Al) both have carbon seat stays. Well worth looking into if you're in the area but it's not close to Roma.
re: Colnago CT1 alternative?AD14
Aug 16, 2001 4:13 AM
A friend of mine got a 52cm from trialtir-usa a month ago. I take it you tried them?
Opera Palladiommaggi
Aug 16, 2001 5:04 AM
The Opera Palladio is a Ti frame with carbon seat stays.

Opera bicycles ( is a sub-division of Pinarello and are made in Treviso, Italia. I spoke to someone who rides in Italia and who knows alot about frames. He assurred me that they're "optimal" frames. No surprise: in essence, it's a Pinarello.

I haven't ridden one, nor do I know anyone who owns one.

They're available at Rome Bike Shop ( in Roma Italy.