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update on my accident...question also (NO PIC)(4 posts)

update on my accident...question also (NO PIC)Made in Taiwan
Aug 15, 2001 11:19 PM
the bike: 99 Trek 2200 with TT set up, with some D/A upgrades 1500 to replace

med bill: hit $800 mark (not counting my own bandages/neosporin). More X-ray to come

me: stitches coming off later today, picked off half of my road rash scab, tail bone still hurts, still have to sit funny.

how much "pain and suffering" does one broken bone worth? Tell me if i'm being unreasonable. I think that if my bike/med bill comes up to 2500 bucks, i should get 2500 for my pain and suffering. My theory is that if there was only $100 damage (bike + hospital) then i should get $100 for my pain/distress/inconvenience/trauma. and don't anyone try to be a tough guy and say that there is no emotional trauma after being hit by a car when you're on a bicycle.

what do you think.
Get well soonI Love Shimano
Aug 16, 2001 12:03 AM
Hope you get better soon! Maybe the new Roadbikereview jersey should help you recuperate, GREGG said he won't forget us and would let us buy some even if we're from across the Pacific.

Ride on!, get some rest first.
Value of injuriesjtolleson
Aug 16, 2001 6:44 AM
Here in Colo at least, we ballpark pain and suffering claims (especially for settlement purposes) as "three times actuals" (ie., three times out-of-pocket economic loss). Like any rule of thumb, it is a starting place with too many variables to mention.

I think $2500 for injuries of this sort is completely reasonable, and I'd assume that in a more plaintiff-friendly venue like NY it will be perceived as such.

Good luck!
we really need a LEGAL message board!Jack S
Aug 16, 2001 6:48 AM