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MY saddle hurts!(7 posts)

MY saddle hurts!girodebirdman
Aug 15, 2001 11:18 PM
Hi. I have a saddle fit problem. Any ideas? I started riding a standard Flite last fall, no problems whatsoever. Recently, I had my saddle height raised (it was 2cm low), still no problem. Then, I put a new seatpost on (necessitating removing and reinstalling the saddle on the new post) and now my genitals hurt after every ride. It stings to piss daily after my ride: this gets old! My butt is fine, as I am pretty skinny. I have tried raising and lowering the nose of the saddle to no avail. Is it because of the hard center of the Flite which can put pressure on your genitals, therefore causing pain, and I should look for a different saddle with a cutout or something? I can't figure why I didn't have a problem before, but I certainly do now! On a Flite, what should be the tilt of the seat (generally)? Nose and rear the same height, or should there be a tilt? Help is much appreciated!
oh, no, not AGAIN!!!!!!!Rusty McNasty
Aug 16, 2001 3:37 AM
get thee a Brooks saddle, my friend!
thank you
re: MY saddle hurts!breezydz
Aug 16, 2001 4:45 AM
Remember that when you raise the seatpost the saddle also moves back because of the angle of the seat tube. Try sliding the saddle forward a little.
I agreeAristotle
Aug 16, 2001 5:34 AM
I had to slide my saddle forward and also tip it forward slightly. I, too, am using a Flite.
Aug 16, 2001 9:45 AM
I did tip my saddle forward and slide it forward as well (the post I replaced was a setback, my post is now standard). I set up the saddle position so that my knee is over the pedal spindle (plumb) and it supposedly the "right" fit. Since I now have a correct fit, my saddle is killing me, where it felt fine back when I had the setback post, but was not a correct "fit" as far as femur placement ect. Perhaps I was just riding the flite fine until I moved my saddle up, but why wouldn't it fit now that I am in a typical riding position?
Aug 16, 2001 10:03 AM
Have you tried going back to your old seatpost/position? Maybe move the seat back a bit instead of forward on the new one. The "right" fit (KOP) is a starting point. We're all different and it doesn't work for all. Just look at the length of some of the bike fit posts in the archives arguing this point.

Are you positive the old seatpost didn't give you the correct fit? What made you decide to change if it worked for you?

Just some thoughts.

Happy riding.

Or backAristotle
Aug 16, 2001 10:23 AM
My fit was a little off, and I ended up needing to raise my seat a couple of weeks ago. That gave me a little bit more of an aero position, but added pressure right under my groin. It seemed, to me, to be the added forward bend of my body. At first, I tilted the seat back -- thinking that it would throw the weight back on my sit bones -- but it ended up worse. I just went out riding with an allen wrench in my pocket and adjusted the seat repeatedly until it felt right -- that ended up with the seat being forward and tip down. The forward compenstated for the backward movement when I raised the seat, and the tip down helped get my weight off my whatever is between your groin & butt and on my sit bones. The whole seat thing is tricky. Good luck.