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klein & lemond questions(5 posts)

klein & lemond questionsazukor
Aug 15, 2001 6:03 PM
I'm looking into building up a new bike, and right now I'm specifically looking at the frameset. My top two choices right now are the new titanium lemond and the klein quantum pro framesets. First of all, does anyone know the weight of these two frames? How is the ride of the klein, I've heard that it is much less harsh than most aluminum frames. Is the klein even available as a frameset? Finally, what are the prices of these two frames. I know retail price of the klein, but i can get it at wholesale, and was wondering what it was at cost. I have no idea how much the lemond frame is, but i can get that at cost too, so either of the prices would be much appreciated. Any other info would be great. Thanks- Adam
re: klein & lemond questionsLone Gunman
Aug 15, 2001 6:49 PM
I asked about a Ti Lemond last week, someone gave me a Supergo, Ultegra price of around 3K.
re: klein & lemond questionsazukor
Aug 15, 2001 6:58 PM
Thanks, but I'm looking for just the frameset- Adam
re: Klein Quantum ProDINOSAUR
Aug 15, 2001 7:42 PM
I ride a Qauntum Race, it has the same frame as the Pro. The Pro has a nicer fork and headset than the race. If you can hold off until winter when the new models come out, the word is the Pro's will have a carbon fiber wishbone type seat stay assembly. I've heard about a couple of problems with the Crane Creek headset bearings (check out the VeloNews Tech Talk Forum "Trek 5900 Headset Problems" The 5900 has the same fork as the QP). You can avoid this problem if you go with a Chris King headset. Yes the Klein is available as a frameset, they call it a fuselage. The '99 weight of the QP was 2.7 lbs (less fork). The ride of the Klein depends a lot on your selection of wheel/tires/tire pressure and if you have a ti rail saddle it will do a lot to damper the ride (as I recently found out). The Klein is more or less a road rocket, very stiff in the bottom bracket, no frame flex that I've ever noticed, very sure tracking, handles great, great for climbing, descending, long rides, racing etc. If you want an al bike you can not find a finer one. Beautiful paint in an array of color selections, nice neat welds. The best part I enjoy is the ride.
I'm probably going to build up a Quantum Pro fuselage with Campy Record or Chorus. If you can wait until the winter the new models will come out, which will be lighter, or you can opt for this years model and save some money. Kleins also have a lifetime warranty for the original owner. I've had good luck with my Klein, I sent them an inquiry on their website and it was answered by Gary Klein himself.
I can't help you on the cost, I believe the QP fuselage is around $1800, but like I mentioned wait till winter and you can get a deal on this years model. I'm surprised that Klein is going with a carbon fiber seat stay, I guess they are trying to stay competitive with other al frame manufacturers. I've never heard any Klein owners complain about the ride of their bikes, it all depends on if you want the ride of al. Hope this helps...
re: klein & lemond questionsjakerider
Aug 16, 2001 10:00 AM
I have a 2001 klein quantum race frame and fork for sale. It's a 54 with cane creek headset, seatpost and stem. cool blue fade color.