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Wheels - for the last time!!!(4 posts)

Wheels - for the last time!!!I'llridethrushit
Aug 15, 2001 2:28 PM
I've basically narrowed my wheels choice to three sets.
1. mavis Ksyriums ($490) 1600 grams
2. Campy Nucleons ($470) 1520 grams?
3. Open Pros, CXP 33s, or other nice rims, Record Rear, AmClassic Micro front, Sapim Cx xrays ($380) 1417 grams

I weigh 155 lbs and will be training and racing on these wheels - they'll be my only set. I ride rolling terrain and will be racing crits and road races.

Here's what I've heard about the wheels:
1. Quite aero - on par with Hed J2s in wind tunnel testing. Very sturdy. Bad in crosswinds. Somewhat harsh ride.
2. I've heard both bombproof and questionable, so who knows? Pretty light, pretty aero due to bladed spokes. Nice and stiff but smooth ride.
3. cheaper, lighter, bad rim in terms of aerodynamics, but spokes will help and easiest to service.

Any advice is very welcomed. Thanks for the help.
re: Wheels - for the last time!!!I Love Shimano
Aug 15, 2001 4:33 PM
Hmmm,, I'd go with the Open Pros....they're lightweight, tough, and CHEAPER. Ksyriums aren't bad either, I'd get them if I had the money.
BTW, my Open Pros are laced to 105 hubs.....your Record hubs should be better. But I still love Shimano =)
re: Wheels - for the last time!!!Hank
Aug 15, 2001 7:10 PM
there is no difference in ride quality (ie comfort difference) between different wheels. It's all about weight, durability and cost. If you have a good builder, I'd go with option 3.
re: Wheels - for the last time!!!mmaggi
Aug 16, 2001 5:50 AM
Weight is NOT an issue. Any of the 3 choices will do.

All 3 will be as bomb proof for you as anyone else who's in the same weight class. 155lbs is not heavy at all. What's more important to you is how you ride, but all 3 are about the same in strength.

Ride quality is the same for the Ks and Nucleons: they're both comfortable, IMO. The Open Pros will probably be a little more comfortable. There's not much of a difference in ride comfort.

It really comes down to what you like, ease of repair and how much you're willing to spend.

Consider this: you COULD pop a spoke. How difficult will it be to replace the spoke?

If you order the Nucleons, immediately call Brandford Bike ( and order the Campy Nucleons mini spoke kit for $30 in case you break a spoke. This will save you some time should you pop a spoke.

If you order Mavic Ks, call Total Cycling ( and order 2 front spokes, 2 drive side rear spokes and 2 non-drive rear spokes. They run $5 per spoke.

You won't have to worry about ordering spokes if you have the wheels built from a local shop since the wheelbuilder will more than likely have in stock the spoke you popped.

I have the Nucleons and I popped a spoke. I called Brandford bike and ordered the mini spoke kit for the Nucleons. 2 days later I had my spoke kit. The next day I brought the wheel and spoke kit in to be repaired by a local shop. I had the wheel back that same day.

If you don't want to deal with this, then get the Open Pros by a good LOCAL wheel builder.

Also, what wheel looks most attractive to you? Does it matter? Do you really want to spend $500 or $400 (it's a 25% difference)?