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Post rainy ride question...(5 posts)

Post rainy ride question...JL
Aug 15, 2001 5:11 AM
Sorry you read my prior post, but I only received 1 response (thanks Dog) and I had some further questions.

On Saturday I tried for my first century. Unfortunately, the rain/lightening/thunder cut the ride to half. Bummer :(

After cleaning my bike and relubing the drivetrain when I arrived home, I heard water sloshing around. I removed both tires/tubes and removed the water (a bunch in the front) and dried and replaced them. I still heard water and found it IN the frame (2001 Trek 5200). I removed the seatpost and emptied a good cup+ of water. I think I removed all of the water now and the bike seemed to ride fine yesterday (30 miles). Anyway, here's my question:

1. Should I be concerned about anything else? BB? Headset?
2. I took it to my LBS where I bought it and got a "motherly" slap on the wrist for riding in the rain. Very upsetting as I spent 2K+ on bike there. Was told they could do a BB overhaul, but it would take 2 weeks ($130) and that "you really shouldn't ride in the rain". Should the bike take in water like this in the first place? My friend's bike (Trek 1000) did not seem too. Should I complain to the shop owner about a "brush off" of my problem?
3. I have the tools, workstand, etc. (newbie wrench). How hard is it to remove, regrease and replace the cranks/bb myself? I am mechanically inclined, but I don't want to ruin anything the first time either. I have Zinn's book. Can I just follow his instructions to the letter and be fine?

Thanks and sorry for the length of the post.

re: Post rainy ride question...GW Rider
Aug 15, 2001 5:55 AM
Like you, I got caught under a deluge of water on Saturday and I also ride a Trek 5200. Here's what I did:

1. Turn the bike upside down and drain the water from the frame.

2. Removed the cranks and bottom bracket, dried the BB lug (still had lots of water there), and I took a dry rag and stuck it into the down tube to remove any remaining water there.

3. Regreased the bottom bracket and reinstalled it and the cranks.

4. Cleaned the drivetrain and lubed it.

It isn't hard to do the above maintenance. If you have any technical questions, I've found that Park Tools' workshop section of their website to be helpful. I've never used Zinn's book but have heard that is a great resource.

As for the bike shop telling you that "you really shouldn't ride in the rain", I wouldn't go back there unless I absolutely had to. It's your bike, ride it when, where, and how you want to ride it. You should have no problems with the bike after riding it in the rain, as long as you perform the required maintenance.

Keep the shiny side up and the dirty side down.
re: Post rainy ride question...dug
Aug 15, 2001 8:22 AM
1. Yes. No question you got water in the head tube & BB. If you have the poper tools & Zinns book they are easy.
2. Well - you shouldn't ride in the rain. But - as with most of us - we often don't get much of an option when the skies open up. 2 weeks for repair is not unreasonable at this time of year. $130, on the other hand, is outrageous, even if they put in a brand new BB. There's NO SUCH thing as BB 'overhaul' anymore (assuming your 2001 bike has a 2001 BB). Cartridge style BB are disposable. Take it out, throw it out, install new. If you got as wet as I picture, your BB is now sitting in a BB shell full of water. You probably DO NOT need a new one (like wise with your head set) just take apart and dry them off. Then let air dry overnight & reassemble.
3. BB & headsets are easy > If (and only if) you have the right tools. Follow Zinn. Its amazingly simple. (for the LBS to charge that price is robbery - it will literally take them 15 minutes, tops!)
re: Post rainy ride question...VW
Aug 15, 2001 8:57 AM
$130 is a huge rip-off. I had my Trek 5000 drivetrain upgraded from 105 double to Ultegra triple, and I also had the rear tire replaced (got a small slash on the side wall). I brought-in the triple upgrade kit that I bought from the internet. The upgrade include swapping out cassette, chain, crank, bottom bracket, front and rear derailleurs, and brake/shift levels. He even have to rewrap the handle bar tapes. The total labor cost was $75! By the way, the shop is an authorized Trek dealer in the Silicon valley area of California ... and I didn't even buy my bike from them. I brought the bike in on Friday (no appointment, just a walk-in), and the bike was ready by Tuesday of next week.
Thanks all and ...JL
Aug 15, 2001 9:49 AM
I called the owner today and told him about my issue from Monday. He wants to make it right and asked me to bring the bike in for a look over. He tried to tell me the guys can obsess about the bikes more than the customer (blah! blah! but it's not an excuse blah! blah!). I'll take a shot at the BB on my old bike first, and give the shop owner another chance. He seemed genuinely concerned when I explained the timeframe/cost I was quoted and the attitude that was displayed. Especially, since I had looked up in Zinn and have read in RBR some of what was involved beforehand. We'll see what they do when I bring it in tomorrow (with the owner there).

Thanks for the advise and I will try it myself sometime soon.

Happy riding.