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Price of a used road bike?(5 posts)

Price of a used road bike?de Geis
Aug 14, 2001 7:40 PM

I'm new to road biking from a mountain biking background, and I'm looking at a used '97 LeMond Zurich. The bike's in good shape, and has new wheels and cables. I'm also 6'4, so finding a decent sized road bike is no small feat. The bike's a 63cm and fits really well. The guy's asking $1500 cdn, but that seems like too much. Can someone tell me how much a bike like this should be going for?
re: Price of a used road bike?Spoke Wrench
Aug 15, 2001 5:13 AM
I once had a car to sell. I asked my father, who did a lot of buying and selling, how to price it. He said, "Pull a number out of the air. If you still have it a month from now, the price was too high. If you sell it, the price was too low." You and the seller are never going to be perfectly satisfied with the price of that bike whatever you agree upon.

I do have a couple of facts and a couple opinions. Originally that bike sold for about $1800 US. At your height, you aren't going to find a lot of used bikes on the market that fit you very well. If the seller drops the price very much, you are going to find yourself bidding against a whole lot of average height, not too smart guys who are willing to buy a cheap bike that doesn't fit because it has Ultegra components. A year from now you won't remember a price difference of a hundred dollars or so, but you'll still be enjoying the bike.
re: Price of a used road bike?gwilliams
Aug 15, 2001 7:42 AM
I think you could get a new one for close to that price. Do you have a Performance store close to you? The Performance stores close to me in Northern Virginia now carry Lemond, the Zurich sells for about $1899. Sign up for the Performance Team membership for $20 and you will get %10 in store credit on your purchase. Sign up for the Performance credit card and you will get a %10 coupon for your first purchase. This should get you close enough to the price of the used bike. Personally I won't consider the used bike unless it was under $1000.

he said Canadian $$kenyee
Aug 15, 2001 8:02 AM
which translates to roughtly US$1000...
sorry (nm)gwilliams
Aug 15, 2001 8:54 AM