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Installing Dura Ace crankset and BB.(5 posts)

Installing Dura Ace crankset and BB.VictorChan
Aug 14, 2001 4:48 PM
I just ordered the Dura Ace crankset, BB, and rear derralleiur. I have no problem installing the rear derralleuir. For the crankset and BB, I am just clueless. So, would any of the experts here tell me what tools I need to remove my Shimano 105 crankset and BB and to replace them with Dura Ace crankset and BB? I am not sure which is cheaper to have it them by my LBS or doing it myself. The BB is "English thread," whatever that means. There is the "Italian thread." I assume either version would work on my frame which is currently using a 105 BB.
re: Installing Dura Ace crankset and BB.LC
Aug 14, 2001 6:00 PM
You can't swap beteen Italian and English threading, you either have one or the other.

You need 3 tools to complete the job. A crank puller to remove the old crank, $10-15. You need a Park BBT-2 to remove and install the BB, about $10-15. A very long 8 mm allen wrench to install the new crank, $10. In each step there is a good chance to ruin either the crank threads, the BB splines, or even the bike frame threads. This and headsets are the hardest for a beginner to do without a major screw-up. If you don't plan on doing this very often, leave it to the shop which will cost about $20.
re: Installing Dura Ace crankset and BB.Lone Gunman
Aug 14, 2001 6:06 PM
Gee Vic, If this were a beater bike I would say have at it. However, if you don't have the correct tools or knowledge chances for error go up and the price for incorrect installation might cost you a frameset. The bottom 105 bracket has a special socket style tool to remove and is probably different than the DA tool. There is a difference in threads, unless your frame is Italian then you most likely NEED english threaded bb. Not interchangeable. You also need to know the correct torque to install a bb and this helps to also own or borrow a torque wrench to get it right and also w/o cross threading something and damaging the threads. There also might be a need to put some locktite on the threads so the bb doesn't loosen and start to creak or tick. And grease. Any misstep in the process may be real damage or noise that can be aggravating. If I have dampened your spirit of being a sledgehammer mechanic then take it to a shop and rest in peace. I work on my bike all the time but some things I simply will not work on until I gain more skill at the finer points of tuning a bike.
re: Installing Dura Ace crankset and BB.fuzzybunnies
Aug 14, 2001 6:20 PM
The difference between the english and italian bb is the threading. Italian thread has both sides of the bb unscrewing in the same direction as any other nut or bolt, the english bb has the threads on the drive side reversed. The dura ace bb also doesn't install the same as a 105 bb which has the bearings and spindle incased in a single unit with a non drive side cup to hold it steady. The dura ace version is made up of a couple of independant pieces including the spindle, cups with bearings and a lock ring and installs the same as an older non cartridge bb. Directions on how to install it can be found on the web or I could email them to you if you contact me but it's a bit more complicated to install than I currently care to type. TTFN
Thanks for your replies. Will let LBS to install them.VictorChan
Aug 14, 2001 6:47 PM
Thanks for the wise advice. I ordered the English thread BB. After consulting other folks, I decided to have my LBS to intall them.