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Help! Lemond Buenos Aires or Colnago Classic?(4 posts)

Help! Lemond Buenos Aires or Colnago Classic?Fatbob
Aug 14, 2001 2:20 PM
I'm about to buy a new bike and have narrowed it down to a 2002 Lemond Buenos Aires or a Colnago Classic. The Lemonond is ultegra and the Colnago is Campy Daytona. I know that the top tube is longer on the Lemond but the Colnago is more or less custom so I can set up the stem and seat post as I wish. Mainly I'm looking for any problems with either bike insofar as quality etc. Also are Ultegra and Daytona 10 speed comparable? Thanks for any help.
re: Help! Lemond Buenos Aires or Colnago Classic?lemmaknow
Aug 14, 2001 2:30 PM
i dont know what price you found for the classic, but ive seen it go for about 1600. for that price, you could get a 2001 lemond zurich at season end cost -- full ultegra, better wheels, step up 853.
Different animals...DINOSAUR
Aug 14, 2001 3:35 PM
Both of these bikes are totally different in respect to frame construction and geometry.

The LeMond is tig welded combination of Reynolds 853 and 525 steel alloy. It has a long top tube and a relaxed seat tube angle. It's best for riders who have a long torso and like to ride in a set back, stretched out position.

The Colnago is double butted, lugged steel. It has a short top tube and is better suited for long legged riders who have a short torso.
By today's standards it is a heavy bike, if weight is important to you.
Colnago claims that the short top tube makes the bike stable. They adjust the top tube by adjusting the stem length.

I can't comment on the LeMond but Colnago has been manufacturing the Classic for a couple of decades. It's basically an old stage race bike. Well made and durable, pretty paint that might be hard to touch up. Made in Italy, any problems with the frame might mean a three to four month turn around for repairs.

I would think hard about what kind of steel bike you want and focus on fit and geometry.

Focus on the frame first. You probably couldn't go wrong with either component group, it all depends on if you prefer Shimano or Campy.

I can't make your decision but the word is that Colnago might not be making the Classic for much longer.

Go with the one that fits you best, that is the most important and often most ignored factor.

You might give a lot of thought in to what you want in regards to geometry and go from there.

There are a ton of steel bikes to select from. Do a lot of research, your best tool is staring you in your face.

Good luck
Dino man
Different animals...Roy Zipris
Aug 14, 2001 5:49 PM
Per the Lemond web site, the Zurich is entirely 853 in its updated, shaped form; the Buenos Aires is the 853 + 525 frame:
"...the 2001 Zurich is the best Zurich ever, thanks to Reynolds new 853 Pro tubeset. The ends of the air-hardened 853 tubes in the Zurich frame's main triangle are shaped, ovalized to resist pedaling and cornering stresses. Shaped tubes mean the Zurich frame is stronger but just as light. Because of the directionality of the ovals, the frame is more rigid but just as smooth riding...."