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Floppy(4 posts)

Aug 14, 2001 4:01 AM
Okay, we're all adults so here goes ...

I've got this problem. I've got six pair of different cycling shorts, all properly sized (L; I have a 34 waist). But when I cycle sans underwear, my johnson is flopping like a fish. It's not the fit of the shorts, I think this may just be anatomical. I've pulled the shorts up higher and extra tight, but from riding hands on the hood, in the drops or on the STIs while climbing — anytime, and I'm moving all over the place.

So I ride almost exclusively w/ Jockey briefs on underneath, but this has given me a new ritual of peeling half-hanging, chafed skin from the inside of my thigh where the edge of the briefs band saws into my skin. Still, I don't like the flopping b/c it's distracting and let's face it, we guys always want the "boys" feeling contained and safe while on the bike. Oh, and I'm talking completely "flaccid" — even when I pass by all the pretty ladies jogging on the trails.

Does anyone else share this problem and have a suggestion? Anyone ride with a jock underneath the shorts or is that worse than the briefs? We're all adults here, so I hope we can keep this a civil discussion. Thanks in advance.
re: Floppyslugman
Aug 14, 2001 7:42 AM
Nashbar carries CoolMax briefs that work good for me. The seam is minimal and they don't chafe.
I thought it was just me...cory
Aug 14, 2001 8:08 AM
I ride in mountain bike shorts most of the time, but they generally have an insert that amounts to "real" shorts under the baggies. Not much problem on the road, but when I'm standing up and moving around on technical or downhill sections, occasionally the guys get slammed or pinched.
Pulling the shorts up snug helps. Performance and Nashbar used to (and may still) sell some cycling undies that looked like regular Lycra shorts, to "convert any shorts" for cycling. They're not much good for that, but they do contain flopping body parts. I like them better than the briefs, which have a hem, however slight, at the bottom of the legs. Also, I prefer Nashbar to Performance, because Perf. is STILL putting that hard-edged tag on the inside of the waistband where it will draw blood if you ride a lot. Been like that for 10 years, duh.
re: FloppyChen2
Aug 14, 2001 9:38 AM
I tried the Jock thing once, very bad experience. I'd forget about that.