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Stiffness of LS Tuscany, Classic and Merlin??(4 posts)

Stiffness of LS Tuscany, Classic and Merlin??Born Again Roadie
Aug 13, 2001 11:37 PM
Anyone have any input on the relative stiffness of the LS Tuscany, LS Classic, Merlin Road or Agilis (compact geometry)? Looking for an all around bike, but am concerned that as a 190lb gear masher I wil get too much bottom bracket flex. None of my local LBS's are near any hills, so I haven't had a chance to crank any of these up a hill to feel for myself. Would appreciate insight from anyone who has ridden at least two of the four bikes on how they compare. Thanks.
ridden a merlin XLColnagoFE
Aug 14, 2001 11:32 AM
not all that stiff...not sure about the others, but if you want a stiff TI bike take a long hard look at Serotta...or save the $ and just go steel.
Me too...PsyDoc
Aug 14, 2001 11:52 AM
...but the Merlin Extralight is plenty stiff for me. The following observations are based on test rides I have taken. First, the Litespeed Classic is noticeably less stiff than the Extralight. Second, the Litespeed Palmares is noticeable stiffer than the Extralight. I have never ridden a Serotta Legend, but I do not particularly care for the tapered tubing. I have held a Serotta Legend frame and the workmanship was typical of what you find in high-end ti frames, but I did not like the finish of the bare ti tubes. Just my opinion.
Stiffness seems to be a subjective thing asSlothlike
Aug 14, 2001 10:33 PM
I have heard people complain on this board and others that various frames are flexy. I especially read this quite a bit on the Merlin Extralight. My point is that it is subjective and what one person says may not be the other's experience. Test ride and decide for yourself. I have a Classic that has a ride quality that I love. A great all around bike that does everything well. Stiff enough for me but not too stiff that it beats me up. Perfect, for me.
Size of the frame has a lot to do with stiffness as well. A 53-57 cm can be substantially stiffer than a 61-63 in the same frame. If you seek comfort, any of the bikes you mentioned are great. If you want a stiffer frame for racing crits, these will do, but you can look towards the Ultimate or Palmares that Litespeed has to offer. Serottas are very nice, but overpriced IMO. Buying a Tuscany or CLassic now as you probalby can find sales will save you substantially and you will get the same or close to ride quality (in the grand scheme of things in the world of titanium)to that of the pricier Merlin or Serotta. It is not like getting on the Classic and then riding the Merlin are gonna feel worlds apart. They are 2 nice titanium bikes that will give you that trademark titanium ride but you'll save a lot of cash buying the Classic. Food for thought, but they are all nice rides. Hey I would take any high end ti bike if someone offered.