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2002 C'Dale R900 Si(2 posts)

2002 C'Dale R900 SiEd5
Aug 13, 2001 6:21 PM
There are, as expected, no reviews of the 2002 Cannondale R900 Si on the Product Reviews page so I was just wandering if anyone out there has bought this bike and what they think of it. I know personal preference is most important but what others experience and there opinions can be helpful in making a purchase decision.
re: 2002 C'Dale R900 SiMike K
Aug 13, 2001 7:25 PM
Pretty much any CAAD5/6 (and actually 4) bike will ride much the same. C-Dale reuses the same frame and (mostly) fork combo on all of its better road bikes. The only difference between a CAAD5 and 6 is the integrated BB on the 6.
Looks like the R900 is the same bike as last year's R1000 si with the exception of wheels (Mavic vs Campy). There are probably reviews for the 1000 si here or read just about any review for a CAAD4/5/6 C-Dale and you will get the idea. Parts may be different but they (with the exception of wheels) will not have a huge effect on ride (obviously you do get more refinement, durability and weight savings as you go up the gruppo and price food chain).
The real upside is that the R900 does not have any of the Coda crap attached to it (stay away from things that say Coda on them like the plague - at least in my personal experience).
The bike looks like a good combo of 105 and Ultegra (derailleurs and STI levers are Ultegra which is a plus).
Newer CAAD frames (4/5/6) ride well, far better than the old beer cans that gave C-Dale the tooth rattler reputation which it no longer deserves.