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New to the Sport, Have a Question(6 posts)

New to the Sport, Have a QuestionFNG
Aug 13, 2001 6:17 PM
I just recently bought a new Trek 2200. Ive been riding for four days now and today I went 10 miles. I rode 5 miles the first 3 days and 10 today. Is this pace good or should I try to ride further? How many miles is a good workout considered and how quickly should I be able to get to the point that I could ride that amount. Thanks alot for any help. Also are there any good training books out that you would recomend?
re: New to the Sport, Have a QuestionLone Gunman
Aug 13, 2001 6:36 PM
One of the best, if not the best training manual I have seen and own is Cyclist Training Bible by Joe Friel. It explains how to train for a season or year if you please and helps you set goals or establish what you want or need from cycling. It is written for the racer in mind, but is easily adapted for the rider that wants to train for whatever type of riding you want to do, centuries, club riding, etc. It helps you develop a plan and keeps you from getting into a training rut where you are riding the same way all the time you don't get any faster or slower, no growth as a rider. Unfortunately, most of us have made the training mistakes and end up in the rut situation before we figured out how to train and gain. BEWARE, YOU HAVE OPENED THE DOOR TO CYCLE TRAINING MADNESS WHERE ADVISE IS ABOUND AND IT BEGINS TO CONSUME YOUR LIFE!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
re: New to the Sport, Have a QuestionLC
Aug 13, 2001 7:07 PM
It really depends if you are coming straight from the easy chair, or from another sport. You should go by how you feel after the ride. If you feel tired and legs hurt then you are doing enough. It also takes a while to condition your rear end to sitting on a saddle. Most people start off too hard, but then you will never know if you pushed yourself enough till you step over the line.

At this point in your riding career your main concern should be smooth and quick pedaling. The distance just comes naturally as you get stronger. Next week, throw in a couple of short sprints to work your lungs and legs in a whole new way that will begin you on the way to becoming a real Lance Armstrong wannabe.
another good book...keith m.
Aug 13, 2001 7:18 PM
is the complete book of road cycling skills by Ed Pavelka. available at very worth having. covers basic maintenence, safety, diet, etc..
re: New to the Sport, Have a QuestionBirddog
Aug 13, 2001 7:27 PM
I would try to put in at least an hour on each session to begin. You don't see many benefits until you exercise for 30 to 40 minutes.
re: New to the Sport, Have a Questiondinky
Aug 13, 2001 8:20 PM
Listen to your legs. When I first got into cycling several years ago I was coming from a state close to couch potato. I would ride about 5 miles then walk around my yard on jello legs trying to cool down. Increase your mileage when you feel like you should. The body is great about letting you know when you are pushing too hard. You'll know when it is right to increase. Going too hard too soon results in injuries.