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DogTags/ I.D. Necklace(16 posts)

DogTags/ I.D. NecklaceCDC
Aug 13, 2001 2:26 PM
Does anyone wear any sort of I.D. necklace when riding? I am thinking of getting one, in case of emergencies.

If you do, where did you get it, and what does it say? The one I found has a limit of 15 characters/spaces per line.
re: DogTags/ I.D. NecklaceCliff Oates
Aug 13, 2001 2:29 PM
No. I carry my driver's license, my health insurance card (which unfortunately got used the last time I was on a bicycle), my ATM card, my AMEX (never leave home without it), all the cash in my wallet, and 2 quarters.
re: DogTags/ I.D. NecklaceDaveG
Aug 13, 2001 2:32 PM
I made up a card which I then laminated which includes my address, emergency contact #'s and health insurance data. I'm not sure having something around your neck is the best thing in a crash.
re: DogTags/ I.D. NecklaceCar Magnet
Aug 13, 2001 2:32 PM
I carry my drivers license in my jersey pocket. Has come in handy on more than one occasion.
Great ideamr_spin
Aug 13, 2001 2:36 PM
I had 4-line dogtags made that had my name, home phone, the word "Emergency" and an emergency number. I don't have any unusual medical conditions or allergies, so just the basic facts works for me.

I used to wear one on a chain around my neck, but that got annoying after a while. Get bumpers (a rubber holder thing that keeps the cold metal off your chest) if you plan on doing that.

Now I attach it to my key ring and wear it in my jerset pocket. I also used to carry an insurance card with me when it was plastic, just like a credit card. My new card is paper, and wouldn't last one ride.
But who would look?TypeOne
Aug 13, 2001 2:47 PM
I have a dogtag "Medic Alert" thing around my neck at all times to indicate that I have diabetes. But I read on diabetes sites that few people (aside from paramedics) look at those things. Then again, who else but a paramedic would I want to be helping me? All I want someone to do is call 911.
I notice my Giro helmet has a place to write emergency stuff down on the inside of the helmet. After a summer it is getting a little smudged. I remember meeting a guy who had some information sewn into the back pockets of his jersey. Again, who would be looking there?
Since hospitals have a duty to provide care, I don't worry about being turned away at the ER door if I don't have my insurance card on me. But contact names and numbers are important.
Whatever lightweight, waterproof information you can stuff into a jersey pocket seems like a good idea, you've got good ideas, mr. spin!
Now, let's hope I never need any of this crap.
re: DogTags/ I.D. NecklaceSBP
Aug 13, 2001 2:38 PM
I recently bought dogtags at the website below for riding. They came in 5 days from ordering. I put my name, address and 2 emergency phone numbers.
I just ordered from these guysmike mcmahon
Aug 13, 2001 8:09 PM
My wife is always giving me a hard time about safety issues because I frequently ride alone. I told her about my order, thinking she'd be happy. She asks why I need the tags. I tell her in case I get knocked out while riding. Disapproving stare. I guess I should have said in case I forgot my address and needed help getting home.
re: DogTags/ I.D. NecklaceJohnnyA
Aug 13, 2001 2:41 PM
On my commuter bag I carry a luggage tag that has
EMERGENCY INFO in bold letters
The tag has a slide out window covering:
My name
Emergency contacts - home and work
Allergies/Medical Conditions/Current Medications

You could do car like that, laminate it and keep in your jersey.
Tags are a great idea, but I've run up against the same character limits. If anyone else has info please post it.
wrote on my helmetDog
Aug 13, 2001 2:59 PM
I wrote some personal info on the back of my helmet with permanent ink. As long as they can find my head, they'll know who it belonged to.

Aug 13, 2001 4:29 PM
Dog has no dog tags?? Bad dog, bad, bad, bad. Go Home bad dog!!!
Military type dog tags...DINOSAUR
Aug 13, 2001 4:20 PM
When I crashed last year I was knocked unconscious for a couple of minutes. Some motorist came to my aid and I supplied them with my phone number (which I don't recall). My wife came to the scene, and luckily it happened very close to home (I call the intersection "Deaths Corner" now). The first thing I did was order military type "dog tags". Each tag has a space for 5 lines. I have
My name
Phone number
Medical I.D. number
I forgot where I ordered them, but you can do a search online under
"Dog Tags".
You can have different info printed on both tags.
My tags also have the rubber bumpers on them. I think they cost about $12.00 including shipping.
I also pack an extra drivers license in my seat bag.
I used to have info on my helmet, but it eventually faded, and if you crash like I did, your helmet will be halfway destroyed anyway and most likely what ever you had on your helmet will not be readable.
This is a good idea, we should all carry some type of I.D. The medical personel will locate the dog tags when they cut off all your cloths, I still wear my Gortex Jacket that was patched up with Duct Tape, at least they didn't cut that off...
attach to your shoes in case you get decapitated ;)mtnhigh
Aug 13, 2001 6:41 PM
re: DogTags/ I.D. NecklaceFrank
Aug 13, 2001 6:49 PM
I do quite a few solo rides so don't have someone there to speak for me if I am knocked out. I wear dog tags with the rubber silencers around the edge. I list my name, address, phone number, and blood type on the tags. I bought them at:
I wear "Dog" tags, literallyMel Erickson
Aug 13, 2001 7:33 PM
I went to my local Petco and made my own tag on the spot for $5. It's shaped like a bone and holds four lines of info, enough for what you need. I recommend them. I don't have rubber bumpers and don't even notice the tag once I've got it on. I use a leather lace instead of a chain, but a chain would work as well. Leather was what I had on hand.
re: DogTags/ I.D. NecklaceHaiku d'état
Aug 14, 2001 5:52 AM
one sheet of paper from copy machine with medical insurance card, (driver's) insurance card, driver's license and emergency contact/allergy info copied. it's folded three times, put in a ziplog baggie and stuffed in my seatpack. and a duplicate is stuffed in either my middle jersey pocket or my hydration pack outer pocket.

when they start cloning us, this won't be a concern. all emergency vehicles will be replete with barcode reader and satellite internet uplink.