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friction shifters vs. new shifters(10 posts)

friction shifters vs. new shiftersFNG on a roadbike
Aug 13, 2001 12:09 PM
I was given an older Cannondale road bike (R600) to learn and it has the older friction shifters on the tube. Duriong the over haul, (New tires, rear derailer, brakes, cable, tape and seat,,,) I asked and the shop told me that it would be expensive to re-do to the new shifters? Is it worth it or not? My mountain bike has the grip shifters and in my opinion, its safer. I'm just starting to road bike and would like some opinions. Dont laugh at the FNG, but we all gotta start somewhere, right? Ride on,,,
re: friction shifters vs. new shiftersDINOSAUR
Aug 13, 2001 12:24 PM
Yes it would be expensive, and it might not be worth it. The cost might be more than your bike is worth. The only real advantage of sti is that you can keep both your hands on your bars when you shift. The friction shifters are easy to adjust, and are pretty much bullet proof. I'd just keep what I have for the time being and go with sti when you purchase a new ride....
re: friction shifters vs. new shiftersbadabill
Aug 13, 2001 12:27 PM
A lot depends on if you plan to keep the bike. How old is it? is it 7 or 8 speed? is the frame in good shape? It can get expensive to switch over. With end of year clearence just around the corner I would wait and see what kind of deal you can get on a new bike
You could, of course, buy new downtube indexed shifters (nm)curtis
Aug 13, 2001 12:39 PM
The Greatness of Old CannondalesLeroy L
Aug 13, 2001 1:06 PM
My brother gave me his elderly 1989 Cannondale - that survived a bad car wreck -- bad karma to him. It's a little rough - a few tube dings - no cracks - a tough bike w/ Shimano 600 [precursor to ultegra] 7 speed 28-12 wide range cassette, 52/42 front crankset, with indexed rear shifter, friction front - both downtube shifters. I'm old enough [too old] to have learned on downtube friction shifters. The C/dale shifts great just as it is. It is a blast to ride - accelerates like crazy. I would leave your bike alone if I were you. Cannondale knew what it was doing even back then. One thing about downtube shifters, you learn to find the right gear and spin it!
The Greatness of Old CannondalesDebby
Aug 13, 2001 1:51 PM
Yeah, I learned on downtube friction shifters,also! All but one of my bikes has dt - some index; some friction. I just built up a "new old stock" Paramount frame with downtube friction shifters! I love my STI equipped Raleigh R800, but still like the old stuff, too.
re: friction shifters vs. new shiftersmr tornado head
Aug 13, 2001 5:50 PM
I go along with everyone else... dig the friction shifters. It'll take a bit to get the hang of it but once you do... it's so much quieter, too. No one will hear you drop it in to the tall gears for the final sprint!

tornado head
Aug 13, 2001 8:40 PM
If the bike has shimano 7 or eight speed cassette and derailleur you can get away with sti. If it's 6sp or non shimano forget it. I recommend the older rsx sti levers which were made for both 7 and 8 sp. Much less of a pain in the a$$ to use. Much easier to shift with on standing sprints and climbs, and way safer on rapid decents. Your basically never stuck hopeing you have the "right" gear since they allow you to find the right gear if you have it regardless of how or where you're riding. TTFN
Heres what I did:justaguy
Aug 13, 2001 10:48 PM
I bought my road bike, a mid 80's model, never ridden, for 400 cdn. pretty good deal, except its only 7 speed (excel components too, which no one has heard about), tublular wheels (i like them, really lite and aero) and the bar/stem/brake lever combo that was killing me. I also come from a mountain bike background, and so im used to trigger shifters, not downtube shifters. but with the hills we have around here, i find myself reaching down way to much for comfort, and decided to bite the bullet and get some sti stuff. i some new campy 8 speed chorus ergo shifters, along with a nice new bar and stem and tape that i didn't pay for. the shifters were almost 250 cdn, and on a university bound teen's budget, a huge amount. bad thing is, my dad found (and bought) a pair of veloce ones for 140 cdn used a week later. mine haven't arrived, but his ride soooooo nice. worth it for me (i hope it doesn't have compatibility issues, it shouldn't) but you'll have to decide for yourself
How about bar ends?Spoke Wrench
Aug 14, 2001 6:22 AM
I use them on my retro-grouch bike.

Much cheaper than STI, low maintenance, easy to set up and you can shift without having to let go of the handlebar.