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Group Ride Etiquite and drafting(5 posts)

Group Ride Etiquite and draftingUncleMoe
Aug 12, 2001 7:39 PM
Today I did a ride with a very small group of 6 riders. I rarely do group rides simply because I find coversations a bit awkward and its weird to go at a pace I'm not use to. However, in an effort to get better I decided to join this small group ride.

For the most part I stayed towards the back of the pack simply out of respect I guess. It was my first time meeting most of them and figured I was tagging along. However, I also recognized I was getting pulled along a fair amount of the time which I felt odd about too.

Anyway, everytime I tried to pull up to the front to give the group a little rest, I always ended up going too fast and they fell a little bit behind by 20-30 yards or so before I recognized it, so I'd slow up and then they'd pass me and I be at the back again getting pulled. I felt like when I went to the front, if I went any slower they would be like "Dude, if your going to go up front keep the pace up."

Anyway, to attempt to make a long story short, what is etiquite on pulling the group along? How do you know what pace to keep? It being my first ride with them, should i have just stayed towards the back? Any other advice?
re: Group Ride Etiquite and draftingRacer-X
Aug 12, 2001 7:50 PM
"...everytime I tried to pull up to the front to give the group a little rest"

Usually in a group ride, the riders in front will pull off. Were they doing that or did you just decided to pull and moved to the front?

"How do you know what pace to keep?"

Look at your speedometer BEFORE you take your pull. Keep the same speed and/or level of effort.
re: Group Ride Etiquite and draftingUncleMoe
Aug 13, 2001 7:46 AM
I wouldn't say they exactly pulled off, but they slowed down. So yes, I suppose they pulled off.

Silly me, I don't ride with a speedometer. I suppose that might be a good idea for group rides.

Thanks for the advice. Gosh, riding alone is so much simpler.
re: Group Ride Etiquite and draftingBruno S
Aug 12, 2001 7:51 PM
A common mistake its to accelerate when its your turn to pull. Maybe you are a little nervous or do not what to dissapoint. Just take a look at the speed you have been riding and when it your time to pull, maintain that speed. Also, do not pull for longer than you should that is another common mistake. You don't want to get too tired and get dropped. When the group is going fast taking turns pulling for just a minute or so its ok.
re: Group Ride Etiquite and draftingUncleMoe
Aug 13, 2001 7:54 AM
I'd say I didn't want to disappoint them by going to slow, so perhaps I did go to fast up front. I should get a speedometer I guess so I know the pace. The group has been riding together for about 6 weeks and they seemed to have a pecking order. One guy was always out front dropping us, out of the other 5, two seemed to take the lead on pulling the rest of us. Towards the last 20 miles we dropped the other two, so it was just me and the two lead guys.

It was weird as it just didn't seem like anyone wanted to ride behind me cause I was the new guy. The reader above mentioned that the lead rider(s) will pull back when they are tired, but when the lead rider seemed to slow down, so did the other guy. Thats when I pulled up front but they didn;t seem to want to keep up.

Oh well, I guess I'll just learn with experience and ride a little more mellow.